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First blueline of my season

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  • First blueline of my season

    Whatta great day. Started off with a package in the mail, thanks @counselorman / Jimmy, much appreciated! Be duking them with flies in no time. Spencer proclaimed, "Jimmy's the man!"

    Then Spencer and I decided to take a drive north to a small little creek. We packed the most significant advancement in flyfishing since the movie "a river run throughs it" came out and were on our way

    Figured with the gorgeous weather all the hot spots would be crammed, combat fishing, so I found us a nice little spot where the creek was cold, about five feet wide at most and secluded enough so that he and I had the spot all to ourselves. Didn't even see a hiker!

    Spencer just loves to get in the wilderness. Before we even arrived we stopped to top off the fuel and get a few snacks. He got this candy thing, not something I encourage, but I figured why not, it WAS shaped like a gun. Turns out it was a water gun and he started squirting me with creek water before I could even get a fly tied on. We laughed like crazy! Then we got down to business (pictures suck, apologies, but he was just way too excitable today, every day!)

    We decided to go dry only today, with water temps in the mid fifties it could be epic, and there are few things as exciting as seeing a hungry wild trout attack a dry fly like a great white inhaling a seal. Third cast, bam! "Fish on!" he exclaimed, but then the little four inch fish was slung downstream, accidentally. Next cast we had another

    A really pretty, colored up RBT.

    Then another,

    Then another, and another, times eight or so in under an hour. Then he saw and tried desperately to catch what looked like a five+ inch crawfish, but failed. Missed a few salamanders, as well. Smiles all around, though. And, in a place like this how could you not smile

    We hiked into a fall that serves as a barrier to southern app BKTs, but I guess all the rain... It might as well have been Niagara falls to his little eyes. We decided we'd come back another day.

    Stopped for some mini golf and an ice cream cone on the way home. Upon arriving home we loaded up the rockets and headed off to the local park

    We lost thrust because one of the engine casings/wing holder had a small crack. We fixed that, sort of, with super glue, but that just adds drag. We were happy with her flight!

    The park also has a lake, that dumps through a small "dam" (spencers new favorite word after visiting Buford dam) into a small slow moving creek and we were able to pull this out before heading home for some supper

    First blueline of my season with my favorite fishing bud. Pretty " dam" good Saturday if you ask me!

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    I really enjoy reading your posts as I feel like Iíve been there before.

    My son is named Spencer as well, although mine is 14 now and a little more reserved. Somedays....

    Sounds like a early to bed evening for the two of you. Thatís gotta be some kind of grand slam. Rainbows, rockets and bluegill.
    I am officially upgrading Gatorbyte from "fly in my ointment" to "thorn in my side". If he happens to elevate himself to "pain in my a$$" I'm gonna blame it on RScott.

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      ...glad you guys got squared away...Adam and Bailey, now 32 and 30, used to love the small waters...they had 6' ultralights and Bailey would get about 7-8 ft of line out and flip it where she wanted the bait or lure... guys are building a lifetime of memories...




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        So, my dad and I would go on once or twice a year fishing trips. Normal weekends at his place every other week consisted of him watching golf and model airplanes for me.

        I have incredible memories, and very boring ones. I'm not sure Spencer will have this issue and for that you deserve one of those mugs about being the best dad =)

        Keep it up man you are killing it in the Dad department!

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