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Small stream clinic, beta test.

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  • Small stream clinic, beta test.

    @Streamsidesam and I beta tested a small stream to expand our (his) small stream presentation into an on stream tactics clinic /lab today. The weather gods were not in our favor, but whatever. It basically down poured all day, a few thunder crashes, but no lightning, so we fished on.

    We started in a hole that @sam described as "money" and "loaded with fish" and "holds a few big boys" he fished it first and got five, maybe six fish on his first five or maybe six casts then said, "you try". I had packed only my hipster stick (aka tenkara rod) so I wasn't feeling really confident, but I cast my little nymph dropped about a foot under my Stimi dry and got nothing. Nothing. Nada. I casted about twelve to thirty five times before realizing that it was some sorta voodoo magic he pulled. I hiked way up stream to get away from his black magic (to put some separation between us) and happened upon what looked like a very trouty run. Fallen log, half outta water half submerged creating a very deep pool with just a touch of whitewater plunge and a foam trail that just read as big bug conveyer belt. I cast, bam, trout on. Confidence building in this super light weight 2 ounce hipster stick. Cast again, missed trout. Cast again, trout. And again, and again and whatever happened after that must have been good karma for the small stream presentation because we couldn't keep fish off the hook.

    We continued to move up stream catching wild rainbows, climbing above falls, but still finding bows, but a lot of hungry, aggressive wild rainbows. Some were sized well, healthy, fat. What I described as "smokies sized trouts"

    I happened upon one run that looked the troutiest of them all, and I cast. Two fish left the water, seemingly fighting over my Stimi, they missed but I had one on the nymph. I could see shadows, flashes, fish. I continued to cast and catch on the dry. So much so that I tried a @dredger trick: tie on two dries. I doubled up first cast and no less than five additional casts before my rig had broken off on a decent fish that dove toward a pile of dead fall.

    Not many pictures because I forgot my water proof case and this thing is a work phone... You get the idea. Sam might have more.

    I'm pretty sure I could still be sitting on that rocky "beach" that was formed by the run at the base of a ten, maybe fifteen for falls and still be yanking little trouts outta there, but it was time to leave and we had a decent hike out to the truck. When I finally found @Streamsidesam downstream his rod was bent. We gave each other that look, the one that said this was a special day, a records day. I asked what fly was most productive for him, but he didn't say. Typical small stream snobbery. So I snuck a peak of his hook holder only to see an empty hook. Immediately I assumed he had put some powerbait on and accused him of such. He was quick with denial and told me he had just been fishing an empty hook after fifty or so trouts has eaten all the thread off his PT_ChubChaser. Too cold (lazy) to change in the rain he allegedly he fished an empty hook. Epic day. Y'all should fish with this legend.

    Hope y'all were able to fish in this mess, because the fish didn't care one bit....

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    I needs to find me one of these wild streams to fish. Awesome report, sounds like a good day.


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      One goal for this year is to get a GoPro, or at least a water proof camera, to document some of these shenanigans. Not sure how many fish were caught total, but it was definitely one of those days when you didn’t always need a perfect drift, fly, or stealth to catch a bunch. It’s awesome to see the small streams basically supercharged with all the rain, resulting in solid flows and healthy active trout. The rain really had the big bows active, as there were plenty of the 8” to 10” bows to hand, which are really fun on a 2 wt. Steve slays whether he’s using a Syndicate, Claw, or Tenkara, but catching multiple doubles on 2 dries tells you he particularly killed it today. Whatever Tenkara secrets he wrangled away from ISO1600, combined with his custom flies and wild trout whispering, proved to be too formidable for me to keep up. I fished a single fly all day and only changed a couple of times either from the thread coming loose on a mangled fly, or just out of curiosity to see if some new flies I tied might work. GREAT day on the water.
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        I am importing something similar to a GoPro - just some samples to see how it does. The price point will be low. If you can wait a few weeks I will let you guys use one to beta test it.

        Maybe you will catch one of my relatives out there while filming.


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          Big T, that sounds great. Thanks. We often notice the suspicious smells, large scat, and tree knocks that are a sure sign Squatches are nearby. #bfro
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          "A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined..." George Washington