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First Brook trout - three tries and seven hours

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  • First Brook trout - three tries and seven hours

    After three tries and seven hours of hard fishing, I finally got my first brook trout. I tried blue assassins dropped into pools, various size and color woolly buggers, zebra midge, floaters, streamers, you name it. No hay nada.

    Started around noon and got a few light strikes but nothing hooked.

    At seven pm, finally, a small fish attacked my green olive drab woolly bugger I'd tied the night before. It took several tries, but finally the hook set and I got him to shore. Learning from the past, I did not net him; he wiggled off the hook and I got him in hand before he could flop back into the stream. The net came in handy to revive him, though. Once he got some oxygen, he sped off.

    It was a sunny day and I don't think that helped. Not until the sun got low did the fish seem to become active.

    Using a 5' rod with a 2 weight line, I made a leader of only 3' long. Very short, got it. But in these tiny streams there is practically no casting, and without line out there is no way to get the fly where you want it. Too much line out and the rhododendrons have a field day.

    Later, I went downstream to try to get a brown trout in a large pool. Was able to cast about 30' and got three strikes before it got too dark to fish.

    A lot of effort for one tiny trout. But many lessons learned and it was fun.
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    Great looking speck, of course most are. Great determination

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      That is beautiful speck..You'll never forget your first!! Now go out and get some more..
      Tight lines!!



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        Congrats on your first brookie. I still remember the time when and where I caught my first one...
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          Totally awesome, man. A hard earned first brook trout on a fly you tied. Well done, man, well done.

          But, that you came away having learned is, perhaps, most laudable.

          Originally posted by daveharr223 View Post
          But many lessons learned and it was fun.
          Looking forward to more reports!
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            Excellent work, beautiful fish

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              Congrats! I remember my first.

              I've gone the other way with small streams and fly rods. I've found that a longer rod is better, at least for me. 7'6" to 7'9" is about ideal for how I fish.