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Smith Creek - surprise species extravaganza - report

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  • Smith Creek - surprise species extravaganza - report

    Smith Creek - surprise species extravaganza
    ..say that five times fast...

    I made it up to Smith Creek's No-Longer DH on Sunday, and thanks to the intel from Trouter23 and trout4life, got into some fish.

    I'll get right to why I named this post as such:

    That's a Chattahoochee Bass! Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe those are native, and unique to, the Chattahoochee drainage/basin. I've never caught one before.
    Thing looks like it slept with a guppy.

    And here's a video of me reeling it can see the fish really well at the end with the way the camera focuses and the light hits it.

    Anyway, I also caught about 7 rainbows, 1 brook trout, and a bunch of chubs. Almost all on the olive and blue 'micro' bugger I tied on a jig head hook, trying to resemble one that eric handed me a few weeks ago.

    Then I also got caught a lightning storm. Wish I had some pictures of that. It dumped rain as I was walking out, and me and another guy watched a lightning bolt hit something in the distance and turn orange at the base of the bolt. I should have started walking back to the car earlier but I was too busy telling myself "what are the chances it's going to come"
    Ran into this lady with her dogs on the way out, walking in the 'wrong' direction. She was going away from the cars/parking lot and when I asked her about it she replied "well it's just rain, not like there's any lightning.."

    Well, there was thunder. Sooo..
    I'm sure she made it out alright but she was definitely thick in the woods when the lightning picked up.

    I meant to keep some of the fish I caught that day. I had brought a cooler full of ice and everything. But I kept thinking that I wasn't sure when I'd leave, and I was 1.5 hours from home after that, so I figured I didn't want to drag the fish around with me on a stringer for say 5+ hours before hitting the ice. I think I was right to do that on the earlier morning ones, but I should have started keeping them later in the day. My plan was to catch a bunch on the walk out and take them home, but the walk out became me briskly walking through the storm to some shelter, and not fishing my way out. Anyway, I'm sure someone else will get to eat them. For now, they're still in there!
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    Redeye bass

    Nice fish


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      Nope. Most likely not a red-eye bass. It's a Chattahoochee Bass. According to GA DNR fish ID webpage, redeyes are found in the Coosa river basin, and Chattahoochee Bass are found in the Chattahoochee River basin. Redeyes have whitish borders on the edges of the fins, and Chattahoochee Bass do not.

      You did good man! Had a good day! I keep stockers about twice per year to eat. Maybe 2-3 each time. I usually bring them to hand, and immediately sever their head with my pocket knife. They are dead within a minute of coming to hand. I'll gut them, and throw them in a gallon size siplock bag. They'll keep 5 hours, and much, much longer with no problem at all. I just toss them in the back pack and keep on fishing. I also keep brook trout about twice per year, and do them the same way. Fish meat won't spoil quickly like big game can. You can keep them in a bag inside the back pack all day and they will be fine. Remember, lots of people eat fish raw or nearly raw like sushi.
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        Those are some pretty bass for sure. Eric likes his boogers.

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          Kyle if you want to get technical....

          Redeye bass is kinda an old term, now that the original name has been broken out into as many as 7 described species. Coosa is the original. They are all "redeyes", and if you want to be specific then refer to them by their watershed respective name- calling one a redeye then others by their "real" name seems a waste of time and would just lead to confusion.

          but yeah, it is a chattahoochee redeye bass, micropterus chattahoochae. Sweet catch, I badly want to get one, just need to make it up that way and not fish mountain trout water for once.
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            Nice Redeye Chattahoochee bass. Which is what this fish is 😃

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              Georgia's Freshwater Fish
              Hit the Blog Post--"How to Catch a Chattahoochee".

              Anyone ever caught a Shadow Bass ?


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                Glad to hear you got out and caught some fish, man. And smart move on not carrying dead fish around all day. Sushi grade fish is first frozen to kill any potentially harmful parasites. And, even then, it's not left out of refrigeration for hours before serving and eating.
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                  Originally posted by iso1600 View Post

                  but yeah, it is a chattahoochee redeye bass, micropterus chattahoochae .
                  Isnít that what Kyle just said?


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                    Originally posted by Big T View Post
                    Those are some pretty bass for sure. Eric likes his boogers.
                    Haha, it's the same fly you showed him't it like "Eric likes Big T's boogers" ?

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                      Originally posted by buckman1 View Post
                      Isnít that what Kyle just said?
                      Kyle said it's not a redeye. It is not THE species that is most taxonomically referred to as a redeye, which is the Coosa bass, but it still is a redeye.

                      Just as a square is a kind of rectangle, a 'hooch bass is a kind of redeye.
                      On the flip side, a rectangle is not a square, and a redeye is not necessarily a 'hooch bass.
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                        Nice report

                        Nice report and congratulations on the fish. Too bad no browns otherwise you would have a slam +1.


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                          Legally its called a redeye bass?

                          I see no mention of a Chattahoochee bass in the fishing regulations


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                            Go to the link in my Post (#7). Scroll down. There is a pic of the Chattahoochee Bass. Also where to catch one. Right below it is the Redeye Bass.


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                              Getting to use my inherited Eagle Claw !

                              Here's a follow up and more complete video of the trip mentioned in this report, plus another creek I visited on a different trip.
                              I'm interested to see if some of yall recognize where the second creek is (I'm sure you will)...but probably better to not say on the forums as that one likely falls under the small stream etiquette (and is lesser known?)


                              Anyway, Enjoy!

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