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Small Stream Sunday

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  • Small Stream Sunday

    On Sunday, while everyone was having the Dukes Creek debate , we loaded up the famdamily for a little afternoon cheer on a Sasquatch free, family friendly stocked stream. Obviously, we went high up to avoid the remaining wrath of last weeks 14 inches of rain.

    Ain’t I purdy??

    And... for the record, Killer Kyle caught this one on our trip the week before the flood...

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    Looks like a great day, those plastic fish are deadly on stockers. I did see a Squatch in the background of a picture though.


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      Good stuff

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        Good write up and great to start them youngins early🎣🎣
        And, yeah, thatís a whopper there Kyle lol


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          Really good stuff there buckman...It sure was a great day to be up in those parts..
          Tight lines!!



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            Great stuff and great pictures. Love the kids with the little kiddie fishing poles.
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              Wow great post Buck! Family, outdoors, and some nice sized trout, got me itching to hit the mountains ASAP


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                Great example of a stocked stream that is a bunch of fun for the whole family!


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                  I love that particular stream. I got an early start trout fishing there when I was about 6 years old. My dad would take us camping quite often. Time flies. I will soon be 52.
                  Never to cold to be on the water!


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                    Buckman, you just had to do it, didn't you?! All said and done, let it be known that the fish depicted was the biggest Warpaint shiner of the day.
                    Nothing like purchasing an expensive fly rod and reel, stepping into the creek with my pipe tobacco and infinite knowledge of every local aquatic macroinvertebrate (to include family, genus, and species names, of course) and slaying some shiners.
                    I caught five shiners for every 1 of your trout, so technically I out fished you!
                    Glad y'all had some fun on the small stream Sunday. I know you needed a confidence booster after the education I gave you before!
                    You've got a handsome family Buckman. You really do. I am proud that the offspring took after their mother. I know you are too.
                    I'll bet that if your boy had a trebel hook on that plastic fish, he'd be slaying some trout. Since I've been hammering the trout in the last few weeks on bass spinnerbaits, buzz baits, beetle spins, road runner jigs, jig spinners, crankbaits, jerk baits, and other whacky lures, I'm confident a stocker would eat that plastic yellow fishy lure-like thing!
                    Those stockers will bite dang near anything!


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                      Small stream Sunday

                      I like the pics of the family outing, Buck. It's nice to see kids enjoying the outdoors...
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