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Checking out a New Spot, With Some Misses (6/24)

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  • Checking out a New Spot, With Some Misses (6/24)

    With all the chatter on the Rainbow Family gathering going on near Ellijay, yesterday I decided to head to a new spot on a different drainage, intent on tangling with a few wild fish in some relative solitude.

    After a couple mile hike in, I got into some fish. Nice brookie of about 7-8". Hiked down stream and got another.

    Found the trail again and got down below some falls which opened things up a bit. Sure, I like a challenge but sometimes it's good to get a break from all that overhanging rhododendron.

    Played with the dry dropper mostly - bright day bright fly and that sort of thing. A little #20 BWO flashback emerger was the ticket. Got a nice rainbow to the net, but he wouldn't cooperate with the camera and I didn't want to stress him out too badly.

    I noticed that there seemed to be some really solid granite beds on this stream which seemed to cut down on the amount of holding water. I was surprised on which kinds of water would hold fish relative to other streams I've fished. I would try a likely looking run, only to be disappointed. They seemed to be more in deeper holes or maybe in the odd push water in front of a rock.

    Just below the falls, I hooked up with what looked to be a brook trout of maybe 10". He'd hit the dry, I'd miss him. Then I'd give it a rest and try again. This happened maybe 4 times with the same fish. Finally, he hit the dropper and I knew I had him. As I hoisted him to the net, he does a head shake, spits the hook, and dives into the water. I decided to give up on him. Nice sized brook trout. Got his buddies in the same hole as a consolation though.

    Thought the shiny scales on this bow were pretty interesting.

    I've noticed the last several times I've gone out that I'll miss a fish or get broken off - always with a decent fish. While I always enjoy time on the water, those missed opportunities stick in my brain, fueling my reasons to return. I'm still pretty new to the game, and I'm trying not to feel too badly when a good one gets away.

    All in all, a great Sunday spent outside.

    Have fun and stay safe!
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    the near misses definitely fuel the fire... great report


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      Those are some great looking fish! Way to get it done!!!