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Small Stream Improvement on the 28th

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  • Small Stream Improvement on the 28th

    I’m dropping this here because of the stream, and also because the Events and Happenings subforum gets very little play. Mods feel free to move.

    Since we are constrained from sponsoring these events (for the time being), Splatek, myself, and several others are going to take the lead on doing this in an “unofficial” capacity. We do not have to “officially” be NGTO to “be NGTO”.

    This is simply a group of friends (who happen to be NGTO’ers) that are going to be working to attend small stream workdays, cleanups, and other events that we SHOULD be working on.

    We do spend a lot of time utilizing the resource. So we should make more of an effort to give back, and maybe let some of the other organizations the carry the insurance be helpful to us.

    NGTO can be a wonderful “Mobilizing” device given our google exposure and ease of access. If this access is something that can’t change, then I suggest we use it for good to mitigate some of the pressure our exposure can bring to local waters.

    We are targeting the Foothills TU chapter’s Wilkes Creek Stream Improvement Day on July 28th to try to show up in force and help the streams that help us through the workweek.

    More dates will be to come and hopefully we can build momentum among us to work towards using our considerable membership to do some good.

    NGTO has a lot of value to add to our fisheries. Let’s show it, eat some good food, make some new friends, get our backs a little sore, and hit some water afterwards.

    Please post below if you have interest in the 28th.

    It pains me that we can’t do things like this “officially” for the time being, but as Buck Henry pointed out it really is a liability, logistical and money issue.

    Remember this is UNOFFICIAL and INFORMAL! And in no way is reflective of a directive by the BOD or NGTO in any capacity. Just a group of friends trying to do something, that hopefully builds into something else that moves the needle.

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    aw snap I might actually be able to make this!
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      That's the way you do it!

      Well done Alex! As stated, plugging into this Foothills TU project is the way to get your hands dirty and help out! And using our website to drum up resources is one of the huge benefits of NGTO's message board.

      Remember, TU chapter websites just do not get the kind of exposure and traffic that we do here, so please use this message board for stuff like this!!!!
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        As I said earlier count me in! I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t done anything like this before.
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          This is the type of stuff that gets us "street cred" in the fishing community. I will be there and encourage others to make an effort.

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            An anticipated attendance list is being added to the OP.

            Thanks all for the response! Let’s MASSGA (Make A Small Stream Great Again)
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              Mini me and me are in.
              Put that little whipper snapper to work.

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                Show me on board to help out


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                  Ill try to get out there pending doc's clearance.
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                    Crap.... working in the AM and nieces birthday later that day.

                    We need more of these! Just takes a few to spearhead them.
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                      let me check with my social coordinator, I would love to watch Big T actually do something...

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                        Im a new guy from the Gainesville area and would like to get involved with a TU chapter near me. Im getting back into fly fishing after a several year hiatus and would love to help out with some of these river work projects.

                        Thanks, Palmer


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                          Iím gonna try to make it, pending work schedule. Still several folks Iíve yet to meet.


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                            I work every Saturday until about two, but if one of these things goes down on Sunday I'm in.


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                              For those interested and/or already committing here are the details I've received from Foothills TU, the group leading this project. I think it's important that you either email the president OR use the facebook to indicate "GOING" so that they know that your a mouth in need of feeding.

                              Steven - Thank you for you interest in this event. All help is greatly appreciated. We will be building in-stream structures to improve trout habitat on Wilks Creek, a stream that flows into the upper Chattahoochee River. The Georgia Foothills Chapter of TU is leading this project and they will be providing lunch for all around noon.

                              We have been asked to be at the assembly / large parking area at Unicoi Gap on GA Hwy 75 by 8:30 a.m. that morning so that we can get organized and car pool into the work area to begin working promptly at 9:00 a.m. so we can finish by noon. Please do not drive to the work area as there is very limited parking along that stretch of the forest service road and room is need for car pool vehicles and the NFS / DNR equipment vehicles.

                              - Bring your wading boots or water shoes (leave your waders at home – this is a small stream, rarely over knee deep), work gloves and clothing you don’t mind getting wet as it is usually humid in the forest and we will get wet doing work in the stream.

                              - Insect repellant and an Epi Pen (if you need one) are a good idea. You will be required to wear a hard hat and it will be provided. There are all kinds of work to do from some that is strenuous (carrying logs and driving rebar with a sledge hammer) to some requiring little effort (moving instream gravel or distributing water.)

                              - Water will be provided at the job site but it is always good to bring some with you.

                              - An extra shirt will make you more comfortable for lunch back at the assembly area and the drive home.

                              Please let us know if you are planning to attend so that we can have enough lunch to feed everyone. The Upper Chattahoochee Chapter has created an event on Facebook

                              You could just mark it “Going” and we’ll know to include you and anyone else who wants to participate. Or you can email me

                              Thank You again for your interest. Look forward to seeing you and other members from Rabun TU and NGTO.

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