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Tallulah River, Dicks Creek, and Hooch WMA

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  • Tallulah River, Dicks Creek, and Hooch WMA

    Having not fished for a couple of weeks I just had to get out and fish a little this past week, so I went up to the Tallulah River on Wednesday, Dicks Creek and Hooch WMA on Thursday. Streams were beautiful, weather was perfect, and I caught a few fish. No fish pics in this posting as they were all typical stockers, except one fat trout that flopped out of my net before I could get a pic. Anyway, here are some pics of the streams and a few comments on each.

    The two pics below are of the Tallulah. I caught a few, lost more than I put in the net. Water was perfect. Beautiful weather, nice temps in the upper 70's.

    On Thursday I fished Dicks Creek a couple of hours around mid day. Plenty of fish in the water, but they were not biting, not biting my flies nor anything spinners were throwing at them. Below are a couple of pics that my wife took. I was fishing in the pool at the bottom of the 2nd cascade of the water fall. I could see trout in the water, and an occasional rise to whatever. In fact one trout chased something across the water taking two jumps like a pebble skipping across water. So, I tried my hand fishing dries, but to no avail. A few came up and took a look at my dries, but no takers. Tried several different dries, but nothing worked. My wife talked to several spinners on their way out. They said they were headed to the Dairy Queen in Cleveland to eat lunch, then rest up and return the next day. I wish I had returned on Friday, because I see that it was stocked on Friday. Maybe some fresh stockers would have been a little easier to entice to take my flies.

    The following pics were taken about three weeks ago when a friend and I fished the Hooch in the WMA in the small gorge behind the check in station. But first, a couple of comments about fishing the WMA this week. After fishing Dicks Creek on Thursday for a couple of hours I ventured over to the Hooch WMA and fished the first stocking hole (I think it is the first stocking hole), where I was lucky enough to land a couple. Adding to the fun of the day was watching a guy trying to shake a snake loose from the tip of his rod. He was fishing from the bank, and I think the snake tried eating a fish on his stringer. I guess he used his rod to pry the snake away from the fish, and the snake latched onto his rod. He said it was a water moccasin. Not sure about that, but needless to say it concerned me because I was only a few feet away in the water. But, it did not concern me enough to get out. I do not have any good pics of this section to post, however, here are three pics from about three weeks ago, 1st pic is the check in station where we parked and hiked down from there to the river, the other pics are of the river in the gorge behind the check in station. Another perfect day for fishing, beautiful scenery, beautiful water.

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    Nice report HILLIS..I always enjoy seeing pic's of the scenery up there..Thanks for sharing..
    Tight lines!!



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      Glad you could get up to the hills for this report! I love fishing up there, especially when its so dang hot down here. Sure make for a more enjoyable time when your under that canopy.
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        Love that gorge. Great fishing in there and beautiful scenery, not as difficult to reach as many of our other beautiful spots.

        And water moccasin? That guy doesn't know his snakes.

        Thanks for posting.

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          I walked by that first hole on the road a few nights ago at nearly complete dark. A northern brown water snake was stretched across the road right there at the pool. I shined my flashlight on it because at near-dark it almost looked like a copperhead. It same into the bushes right there where people stand and fish. It very likely could have been the very same snake that man was fending off. I saw a wayer snake on Moccasim Creek about 7-8 years ago, and it was swimming downstream with a dead srocker rainbow in its mouth.