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  • North Georgia - Fish report

    any reports on fern valley or other locations?

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    If you're referring to pay-to-play locations, I know NCF and Upper River Adventures are both still fishing very well. Can't speak to the Soque as I haven't fished it since I moved last summer.
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      Ferns IG page said they were opening soon. All of the private water will have fat, happy, and relatively uneducated fish for awhile!

      We got on at Fern once about a week after they opened for the season. FUN STUFF!

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        I took out a client to NCF last Friday. Big fish of the day was in the upper 20's. Noontoola Creek was 60 degrees when we started and warmed up to about 63-64 in the afternoon in direct sunlight. We had 2 hopper strikes with one bending out the hook. Those are some big stream born, hard fighting fish.

        Fern will be opening to the public Sept. 28. The water temperature was not bad this year and there are lots of good holdovers.
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