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  • Bookies, Brookies and more Brookies

    I was headed to the stream yesterday morning and I noticed one the gates were open. And then it dawned on me, hunting season had kicked in. So they open up a lot of the gates they usually keep locked except during hunting season.
    Well this let me change my plans. It saved me about 1-1/2 mile walk in.
    Big T had tied me up some special crickets and for 2-1/2 hours of nothing but missiles shooting form the bottom of pools and violent takes. 15 to hand and a dozen or so misses. Wow what a great morning.
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    "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover

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    Nice specks, I bet it was perfect weather up there.

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        Sounds like a great day. Pretty fish. i've been meaning to try some hoppers.
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          Sounds like you had a good detour! Ain't it fun?!


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            Looks like you had a great day.


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              Great job on the brookies! Those are pretty good size fish as well. Terrestrials are fun this time of year!
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                What Big T tied up for me is actually a Caddis with legs.

                I LOVE to fish the GSMNP. And I had meet a older gentleman many years ago in Townsend TN. And he tied them for me for several years. But I'm not sure if he passed away or what, but I could no longer get in touch with him. So I saw where Big T was tying custom flies. So I reached out to him and he tied me 2 dozen.

                Maybe Big T will read this and chime in. Or even better do a video on tying them. None the less, these thing float fast riffles better than anything as I do a lot of dry dropper.
                "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover