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Raccoon creek, and a dirty feeder stream

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  • Raccoon creek, and a dirty feeder stream

    Went to raccoon creek this morning in hopes of finding some trout. I knew not to get my hopes up high though. I started my journey heading downstream of the Silver Comet trail. Only caught some bluegills and redbreast. The deeper holes that typically hold the trout seemed barren, and rather cloudy with silt. I probably would of gotten into some trout if I headed further down past the rail road. I was downstream last month with my brother and we had caught our limit in no time.

    I turned around and headed up stream of the silver comet trail. I found that every hole was occupied with red eye bass. Had a great time catching them.

    Then I came across why the creek seemed so cloudy. There was a small feeder stream pumping a cloud of silt into raccoon creek. I figured I'd follow it and maybe see why. I did catch some very small red eye bass and some larger creek chub on this dirty little creek. Shame to see this on the WMA. I never made it all the way up the tiny creek to find the problem because I had ran out of time and I was starving.
    The first two pictures of the no name "dirty creek" was where it met with raccoon creek upstream of the Silver Comet trail.

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