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    Anyone been up and fished lately? Headed camping this weekend. Planning to take the gear, but I suspect to find some low, warm water conditions. Will be in Blue Ridge district.

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    You might want to be a bit more specific. 'Chatt' could be perceived as either the Chattooga or the Chattahoochee river.

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      Originally posted by Philhutch80 View Post
      You might want to be a bit more specific. 'Chatt' could be perceived as either the Chattooga or the Chattahoochee river.
      I donít think there is a chattooga wma.
      Since youíre in Blue Ridge the Tocoa tailwater is an option year round. Another suggestion would be to stop by or call the blue ridge fly shop and see if they have any other suggestion.
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        Yes, I was referring to the Chattahoochee WMA. Tried to be more specific as my reference to the Blue Ridge district area.

        I might give them a shout and see what they say. Have fished the tailwater of the Toccoa a few times at the dam (Tanmen, Horseshoe, Curtis Switch) but was going to try to stay in the National Forest and fish some.


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          Might want to bring an orange vest, I believe they are having firearms bear hunt this weekend.


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            Thanks for the heads up. I usually pack a bright color shirt or hat just in case.

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              Originally posted by jdflyfch View Post
              Thanks for the heads up. I usually pack a bright color shirt or hat just in case.

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              Bear hunt in the southeast means wear as much orange as possible

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                Worth a trip

                Long time lurker here. Lived out West since 2008 until a few years ago. First post since I've back to the ATL.

                Now that I've got that out of the way. I was up there on Wednesday. Beautiful area. Brought two browns and a rainbow to hand. I missed maybe 4 others and caught countless little 2" native fish.

                Typical hopper dropper stuff was working. I tight-lined some deep runs with no luck but was able to get takes on drys. After a miss or two on a dry. I would change it up and wait at least 5 minutes before casting to the same fish. Caught both browns this way. Everything from giant bushy leggy drys to tiny sparkle duns were getting looks.

                Not a lot of trout up there in my estimation but well worth the trip.


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                  Oh yeah, it's my favorite area of GA. The natives are great to catch no matter how big. Plan on doing some of the same techniques etc. Being out west is great. Fished the south fork this year for the first time. Beautiful out there. Beautiful up in the WMA here as well, but completely different of course. Sometimes I just stop and sit for a while and take it all in. Hopefully with be blessed with some trout as well.


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                    I was out there bear and hog hunting last night. Will be there tonight and every night for the remainder of the hunt. No need to wear orange. Bear and hog hunters stay way on back in. We don't hunt the river and the creeks. You won't even come close to encountering a hunter.
                    All that said, the water is clear but the surface activity is off the chain right now. Capitalize on the last hour and a half of daylight. Fish slow pools and runs, and fish the smallest dries you can manage. I mean size 20-22. Light colored midges have been hatching in the evenings and the surface activity has been absolutely unbelieveable.
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                      Chatt WMA

                      Had a pretty good weekend out there, but I am still trying to perfect my craft on small streams. Caught probably 10 of these guys over the weekend:

                      Caught two nice 10-12" Browns Friday evening when I got there.

                      Gem came today. Wanted to hit one more spot on the way out. Girlfriend and dog obliged and came with me. Told myself I had not caught anything the whole weekend that I needed my net for, so I left it in the truck. Let's just say I won't do that again. Ever.

                      Had been fishing a stimulator with either a prince or hares ear trailing all weekend. Switching things up here and there occasionally. But most of my luck was on the price and caught quite a few (and missed quite a lot) on the stimulator. I had bent the barb down on this particular stimulator last year. Honestly did not expect to pick up near as many as I did over the weekend on it. More used as a good indicator/wake up call.

                      So after bringing another fingerling to hand on the prince, and missing a couple on the stimi, was almost ready to pack up and head home.

                      Next cast to the seam of a run on a deep hole and I saw a nice silver shape emerge from the deep headed right for the stimulator. Well, a nice 14-15" rainbow was ready to give my 3 wt a workout. There was a lot of swift water so I continued to try and move him to the shallow water. Finally got him to hand. Lucky to even get him there. Of course with the barbless stimi, as soon as the pressure was off it, it was out. So I was struggling to get him to somewhere where I could safely hold him to get a picture. And in the midst of keeping the dog from getting at him and getting herself hooked as well, he gave one last final head shake, and out of my hand he came. He was on some shallow rocks and I did all I could to trap him there, but he was ready to go back home.

                      Stood there silent for a few minutes until I began the up and down berating of myself that I deserved for leaving my net behind.

                      Was very sad that I did not get a picture, but at the same time very proud I got him to hand on a barbless stimi and no net. At least I had a witness with the girlfriend, but everyone will tell me that doesn't count 😂

                      But my biggest fish on that stretch by far and I was pumped. So much more water to explore there though. Will be back.

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                        Sounds like a great trip. I did the exact same thing on the Tallulah River on Saturday. Caught a 15 inch bow and took the fly out. Went to lift him to take a picture and he shook and back in the water he went. Never caught a Speck before. They sound like very aggressive little trout.