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Surprise at Smith Creek

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  • Surprise at Smith Creek

    I came down the stream yesterday, and found a need for a camera man. Crazy fish out of Smith without a doubt.

    On another note, caught a lot of stockers on squirmy's as is usual with the beginning of DH. To anyone that went to smith this weekend did the water seem a little low?
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    I don't beleive in Skunks. This might be why it finds me so often.


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    Oink Oink piggy piggy!!! Nice fish man!!! That is a fat fat fish!!!

    "Everyday is a new life to a wise man."
    -Chinese Proverb

    “At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear.”
    -Norman Maclean

    "We are what we hunt."


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      Nice Pig. I think I know where you caught it. I was at Smith's Creek yesterday also. First time fishing there. Fun little creek to fish at. Caught mine on a few squirmy worms and meany greenie.


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        I fished at Smith yesterday for the first time as well. Caught a few on egg patterns. They wouldn't take the squirmy I tried. Will definitely go back just have to figure out how to bypass Helen.


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          KM I did not get there until late. Got there at 3PM after a lot of people where coming out.

          To get around Helen. I take GA 75 Alternate S to GA 356 East.


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            You can also go through Saute to bypass.