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Chattooga DH report 2/7/19

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  • Chattooga DH report 2/7/19

    After wandering through the wasteland that has been my trout fishing experience since early December AND watching the dam finally stop for three days WHILE I WAS OUT OF TOWN AT WORK, it was past time...

    I stopped by Chattooga River Fly Shop about 10AM and spoke with Karen for a while, catching up on all the local gab and picking up a few flies per her suggestions. Made it to the DH section about 1030AM and parked on the SC side, about 5 other vehicles were in the lot too. I fished for about 5 hours off and on (I saw about 10 or 12 other people fishing), mostly up stream until it started to die off and then finished up hoping for a slam by the bridge (no slam, but I did finish up with another good rainbow).

    All in all, I caught 11 trout. One smallish rainbow, but the others were a 50/50 mix of healthy browns and rainbows. It was super super fun. I caught all of them double nymphing below a furled leader, top fly was a weighted stonefly and the bottom fly was a #14 BH batman. The fish didnt seem to prefer one fly over the other and I caught both species on both flies.

    All of the fish were caught blind casting short distance casts (I use a short 3 weight), I only actually saw a few fish swimming around. Most of the takes were on the swing and deeper was better. It was a little frustrating as I felt like I was just covering water and only caught a few in specifically fishy looking spots, but I have a ton to learn too. BUT, I only missed one good bite that I know off and only one came off before the net, for me thats pretty good.

    Talked to Karl back at the shop on the way home and thanked them both profusely for just being there and being part of our great community. For those of you who know them, Karl's dad is very very ill.

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    Congrats, thatís 11 more fish than I caught this Tuesday. I am not much of a nymph fisherman. I was concentrating on the seams between fast and slow moving water. Perhaps I should have been focusing on the deeper slow moving pools?


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      Thanks for posting this. I've been itching to get back up there. How would you describe the water as far as depth and flow? Up, Down or about normal?


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        TedPo, one important lesson Iíve been taught and keep trying to learn is that 95 percent of the trout Iíve caught in Georgia are on a nymph relatively close to the bottom of the water column.
        kmccrary, the river was about ďnormalĒ. Iím a usgs gauge addict, also the fly shop up there posts levels, flows and temps everyday on their social media. Other than heavy rainfall, the river is fairly predictable day to day.


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          Thanks, I think I was getting the nymphs deep enough. I guess the question is, are the trout podded up in a few locations only or present in all the likely places?