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Anyone fish the Chattooga DH after open harvest?

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  • Anyone fish the Chattooga DH after open harvest?

    Curious to know if the section still produces after people start keeping fish?

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    The Chattooga is a year around trout stream, and I think catch & release above Burrells Ford? I know there are wild browns in that section. Burrells Ford also is a stocking point - one of the few on the Chattooga - for the local put 'n take anglers. But those fish do find their way downstream. Like any other popular location for hiking, camping and fishing, the further you walk from the car the fewer people you see and the fishing improves.


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      I haven't fished it this year, but in years past the DH section has been pretty barren by the end of May. Usually by now the water temps will be around 70į. The few active fish you find will be around the mouth of cooler tributaries .


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        By the time June gets here, I personally prefer to fish upstream of licklog/pigpen falls. Iím sure thereís still DH trout to be had, it gets some pressure after May 15, but water temps get more trout than people do. For years, Iíve fished it May 15-30, and many many many of those days I never even see another fisherman.


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          I thought SC keeps it heavily stocked from the Wahalla Fish Hatchery?


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            In addition to being stocked at burrells ford and the hwy 28 bridge, the Chatooga also gets stocked by helicopter at least once per year. I'm not sure whether any stocking occurs at the hwy 28 bridge outside of DH season OR any specifics on location and time of year the river is helicopter stocked.... so none of what I said is really all that helpful to you, haha! That said, there is a cool video on YouTube documenting one of the helicopter stockings ( Last thing I'll say is that I second what others have said on here that your best bet is fish the mouths of feeders. Plenty of holdovers from DH, "wild" helicopter stockers, and the occasional streambread fish.