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Chattooga River Shocking Results

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  • Chattooga River Shocking Results

    An FYI for those who fish this river and a word of appreciation to all the Trout Unlimited volunteers who participated.

    A small army of interagency staffs and volunteers engaged the Chattooga
    River about two miles upstream from the Hwy 28 bridge on Tuesday, June 19.
    Our goals were to 1) assess the abundance of holdover trout in the
    Delayed Harvest (DH) section of river and 2) assess the species
    composition and relative abundance of other game and nongame fish in this

    This area of the river is usually too large and deep to sample
    effectively during normal flows, but we took advantage of drought
    conditions. We grabbed some extra Gatorade, young and strong agency
    interns, and every backpack electrofishing unit owned by US Forest
    Service, SC DNR, and GA DNR staffs in the NE GA region. We survived a
    tough 430-yard wade up the river, thru bedrock ledges and some chest-deep
    pools, slightly muddy from the previous night's shower. It was excellent
    trout habitat that had provided fine catches during cooler months.

    In summary, trout abundance was very low. Overall fish diversity was
    high, as we caught redeye bass, bullheads, chubs, darters, and many
    species of suckers and minnows. Water temp ranged from 70 to 74F, which
    shows that this section becomes marginal coldwater habitat during these
    very hot and dry summers. We also sampled Reed Creek. but did not find an
    abundance of river trout using that creek as a thermal refuge. All troops
    survived our engagement.

    Bottom line: there are a few trout left in the DH section, including at
    least one real nice brown of 18 inches or so, but your better bet will be
    to fish for redeye bass and redbreast sunfish in the river downstream from
    Hwy 28 until the water cools. The H part of DH seemed to work well, as
    most trout have apparently been harvested before these waters likely get
    too warm for their survival during this summer.

    This cooperative fisheries coalition, led by USFS biologist (emeritus)
    Monte Seehorn, has combined forces to sample and manage the river fishery
    since 1986, Hopefully some of you have had better angling as a result of
    the coalition's partnership efforts.

    For more info on the Chattooga River fishery, contact WRD fisheries
    biologist Lee Keefer at 706-947-3112. Our three agencies would like to
    thank the large group of Trout Unlimited volunteers from GA and SC who
    helped with fish netting, bucket toting, and other support duties that
    allowed this sample to happen.
    Jimmy Harris
    Unicoi Liars Club
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    Where's the pictures of all the sucker fish and the last two brown trout left in the river
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      I'm not sophisticated enough to figure out how to get them from my email to my post. If you've got them, please put them up.

      Jimmy Harris
      Unicoi Liars Club
      Unicoi Outfitters Online Store


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        Great info. Thanks for posting that. Never seen a bullhead in there, so that's cool.



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          Hope this works!
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          "Though You slay me, yet will I praise You.
          Though You ruin me, still will I worship."


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            I'm glad to hear some sort of solid scientific evidence of this. Thanks for sharing the info...

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              Thanks for the Report

              Thanks for the report.

              Where can I get one of those portable electroshock units
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