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Chattooga Report - 6-12-09

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  • Chattooga Report - 6-12-09

    6-11-09, not 6-12-09
    Nice afternoon to be on the water, however the lightning and rain made it short for me.
    I ran into some fishermen, they reported 20+ fish for their catch. 15 inches was the biggest for them.
    I started fishing with a Y2K and had no problem hooking up. I did see some hatches coming off the water and some risers. I did not get a chance to fish for them as the lightning said it was time to leave. Then the bottom fell out and it poured.
    Hopefully I will get some more time this week as it has been awhile since I have fished the Tooga. Wow, I forgot how much vegetation builds up on the trails!
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    On behalf of the hundreds of trout bums stuck behind desks and in dank, dark cubicles - we're glad SOMEBODY got to enjoy the beautiful morning the way God intended it to be enjoyed!

    Not that I'm envious or anything...

    Glad you had a good one!

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