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Chattooga Report 06-12-09

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  • Chattooga Report 06-12-09

    Do I have time or not? That was the question I asked myself as I realized the events with the family were mostly done for the day. So my brother n law who has never fly fished before decides to go with me for an evening on the Tooga.
    We end up at 28 bridge around 6:20pm as we came down from Highlands. Got the gear ready and we took off on the trail. Ran into one fellow that said he did not have that great of a day and only landed 2. He was a spin fisherman and said us fly guys will probably do better.
    Get to hole one, start to discuss chuck n duck casting method with highsticking. First cast into the hole for a demo and BAM at the end of the swing. Fish on, and I hand the rod over to Rob. Rob does a great job of keeping the fish on as I cannot seem to get my hands around a 10 inch rainbow to get the hook out. I thought, this is a good start and pretty good first time success!
    We fished until 8pm and only landed 2 more. We'll see how Saturday plays out, I ran into a crowd looking to camp as we walked up to the parking area.
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    How did you guys do Saturday? I sent you a PM.

    Tight lines!


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      Headed to the Chattoga for the first time this Saturday. Any advice? What are they hitting?

      Consrlman - read your post on the Bubba controversy. Good to see there are other accountants on here!! And that's a lot of schooling you got there.