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North Georgia last weekend

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  • North Georgia last weekend

    So I've been busy this week, but im finally getting around to putting up my report from last Saturday and Sunday which involves a couple of north Georgia waters, the Toccoa DH, Chatooga DH, and a few small streams there in between.

    Let's start with the Toccoa,
    This was my first time ever to the DH section, I've caught plenty of fish quite a bit further upstream, but never fished the DH. It ended up being a learning experience but thankfully I still had some fish to show for it, 3 brookies all taken on streamers. In hindsight I should get of given nymphing more of a chance and did have one take on a dry, but oh well...
    The biggest was 14' but they were all gorgeous.

    I then had to stop by one of my favorite streams on the way home, because it just pains my soul to drive by without stoping, so i pulled in and boy did it work out! eneded up with a nice 22' bow (measured it) and it was a heck of a fight on the four weight! If your fishing in the gold cup comp get ready because there are some nice fish out there!

    Then finally the 'Toog
    This river is full of fish! fishcatcher and myself went up Sat. and got a hotel room in Clayton, then hit the river at sunrise. We both caught fish all day long, granted it did slow down before lunch a little. Action was mostly on eggs, and for me a big stone. However at the end of the day I had a blast catching them on a size 20 griffiths gnat. It was a fun day all around! Ended up with lots of bows, and some browns as well, but no brookies.
    (ps - dont listen to a word 1 more cast says!)

    Bottom line is the DH's are full of fish and not all that smart right now, and the big browns and bows are colored up and about to spawn. It's a great time to be fishing!

    Only had a picture of the one little bow from the Tooga, and had to pull a solo camera man with the 22 incher, not an easy task so he had to be set down on the bank
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    Great Posts FF

    Go fish the DH season. If you have questions about DH FF is the proof. Send FF a private message and he will answer your questions.


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      Good Report

      Thos are some great fish. Nice post.
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        Good fish, dude! That monster bow is colored up nicely. The DNR has done a great job with the DH. If anyone has been hesitant to get out, don't be. Great #s and quality of fish. Well done. Thx for posting.