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    I have fished the DH and a few miles upstream of the DH many times. However, I have never fished the Burrells Ford area. A buddy and I are planning on backpacking up there next week and are not sure what would be best for camping and fishing. Should we go upstream from there or downstream? We do not want to camp in the campground, but rather at a backcountry site.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

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    Either direction is good but upstream the trail stays along the water all the way to Ellicott Rock, down stream it leaves the water for stretches. There also seem to be more places to camp going upstream.


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      Great campsites for miles upstream of Burrels. Shouldn't have a problem getting a good one if you're willing to walk a couple miles in.


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        I fish the Toog several times per year. if it makes any difference, I prefer the water near Burrel's Ford over the DH water. Meaning, if you liek the DH section, you may love the upstream section. I do.

        Up stream, as mentioned, has some good hiking and camping spots. If you go down stream, the trail on the SC side follows the Foothills trail and can be a few hundred yards away from the river at times. The Ga side stays closer to the water for a mile or two.

        Up stream, I have no experience on the Ga side and have always stayed on the SC side. Ellicott Rock is a neat destiantion. There's not much to see but it's one of those rare places where 3 states come together.

        A good hike/fish is from the Walhalla fish hatchery in SC. The East Fork Chattooga fishing starts there and there is good fishing (need SC license). It's a few miles to Burrel's Ford but it's mostly down hill and a pleasant hike with good fishing along the way. You hit the main river about 2 miles in, IIRC.


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          Thanks guys.

          Thanks guys. It sounds like we need to head upstream. Does the river change much in that direction? I.E. is it more deep and narrow or a series of pools or wide and shallow, etc?


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            Originally posted by SuwaneeDawg View Post
            Thanks guys. It sounds like we need to head upstream. Does the river change much in that direction? I.E. is it more deep and narrow or a series of pools or wide and shallow, etc?
            Both. Little pockets all around. Some deep runs. Go see it for yourself. You won't regret it.


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              Upstream is a really good fishery with plenty of camping areas. After many years fishing there, take this one piece of advice: STAY ON THE SC SIDE. If you must cross over to hit a certain hole or run from the best angle, cross right back ASAP.

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                Directly from the Dredger:

                "Downstream has double the angler catch rate due to the influence of stocked rainbows at BF. Upstream is dominated by wild browns, so the catch rate takes a nose dive. Both directions are scenic, with good spots to camp."

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                  Thanks for all who gave some info. There were quite a few more camp sites than in the DH. I just got back from my trip going upstream from Burrells Ford. We got to our site mid day and went straight to fishing. 3 minutes in and I hook a 16" brown right next to our camp site. Great fish with a great fight. It was straight downhill after that. We caught a few 12" browns and a rainbow but the rest were not worth mentioning. I enjoyed that area of the river better as it seems prettier than the DH and it seemed like there were more holes. However, the lack of fish was a little discouraging. It may be that we were hitting the river in June rather than early spring but I believe we will try downstream of Burrells next trip.