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Toccoa 4/2

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  • Toccoa 4/2

    I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had before all the storms came through so I decided to make a trip up to Blue Ridge. Hit most of the main access points, catching at least a few at each spot. Then I got to Horseshoe and I couldn't keep the bows off my pheasant tail jig and. That day I was using an orange bead with some natural grey SLF dubbed collar for the PT's. Even busted some on some pink thread bodies and a couple blue whatever's I came up with myself. I did hook into a very beautiful rainbow in the most unlikely places up there. The markings are what do it for me, it's like their own fingerprint and no two are ever alike. So, I headed back into town to meet my wife and decided to swing by Curtis on my way back and man were fisherman stacked in there tight!! Great day fishing, great day with family.
    "Releasing a fish is that much sweeter, letting go of the ephemeral back into the void, to return to where it, and our dreams, can grow." - Jason Tucker

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    Pretty colors! Good report. Great to hear Horseshoe Bend is fishing good.
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