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    Does anyone know when the DNR will be stocking the Toccoa DH for this season?

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    I believe it was Nov 1st. We fished last weekend from the general store area down to Sandy Bottoms with no luck. 2 boats with 3 guys fishing at a time and only had a few follows...we like to think we know what we are doing but have heard it has been tough up there.

    Some validation on that would be good so we donít lose all our confidence


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      That is a beautiful stretch of river and I have floated it several times in the past with guides. Iíve never really had much luck over the years with catching more than a half dozen every time. They only stock it in the spring at a couple places above the store and the rest of the river stays void. Shame, because it should be a great fishery.


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        Thanks for the feedback! I also thought it was a beautiful stretch of river and assumed it would hold a lot of fish and could be a very healthy section.

        Kind of curious what holds a stretch like that back? I know that isnít a tailwater but does it not stay cold enough year round? Do fish naturally reproduce in that section? Also it seems like it wouldnít get too much pressure compared to near the dam at the other section... would be curious to learn the variables that hold an area like that back.