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Help please! Flow from dam to curtis

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  • Help please! Flow from dam to curtis

    Haven't fished toccoa in a long time. How long does it take water to get to Curtis? In other words, if generation starts at 7 am, how long for water to rise at Curtis switch?

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    If I recall, it takes a little over an hour for the water rise to get down to Curtis. Please be careful!
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      What I wrote down in my notes here is :

      Dam to Curtis--2 hrs, 15 minutes.
      Dam to Horse Shoe Bend--4 hrs, 25 minutes.


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        AK, here's the information you're looking for. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the flow/time chart.
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          Thanks guys. Floated it today. Very helpful info.


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            Catch anything ??


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              We put in at 1:00 and rode the high water for about an hour until it dropped out. We were chucking articulated streamers all day with sink tip hoping for a pig - a few chases, but no hook-ups with the big boys. Towards the end I wanted to catch a few, so we stopped at a run and I rigged up my 4 weight and landed a handful. Four of the fish I caught appeared to be wild rainbows. We were off the river by 6:00 at Curtis.
              I haven't fished the Toccoa in two years. It seems like the fish population is down; though I did see a handful of 20 plus inch fish. The fact we caught some wild fish is also promising.