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    I managed 3 hours at the Toccoa DH sections yesterday afternoon and again this morning for about an 1 1/2 hours. The good news is fishing in the afternoon is plum enjoyable. I managed 8 fish; one brook and seven rainbows. A couple of the rainbows actually went to 12" and the nice brook was a smidge over 10". They all ignored the egg pattern and went after the copper johns. Well they were not copper copper johns nor were they just regular copper johns there more like a hybrid copper john and pheasant tail with some hackle. In other words the fish wanted buggy looking stuff.

    This morning was a difficult task with casting regulated to roll casts as the ice forming on the line and guides was too much for the little Oyster 3 wt to out muscle. Still managed one rainbow before I heard the waffle house waitress call me to breakfast.

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    I was up in the Aska Rd area for the week of Thanksgiving. I had three little windows of fishing on the Toccoa DH. I was lazy and didn't want to get my fly fishing gear on so I just casted with a spinner just downstream from the canoe launch and just upstream from where the drift boats take out. Caught a handful each day. The stockers look big and healthy, especially the brookies.
    One time I was using a black and gold rooster tail and wasn't moving anything. All the fisherman around were getting skunked too. I threw on an all white rooster tail, and proceeded to catch about 6-7 in about 10 minutes. So don't be afraid to throw a white wooly bugger.

    Also took two trips to a new blue line (for me) in the Blue Ridge WMA. Caught a few little bows with a tan hares ear the first day, and one the second day. I guess I didn't make it up far enough for the brookies. Maybe next time.