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Can the Toccoa tailwater be float fished on your own?

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  • Can the Toccoa tailwater be float fished on your own?

    I recently did a drift boat float on the Toccoa tailwater. We put in about 10 minutes before generation stopped at 11:00am. We got out of the water at Curtis Switch at 5:15pm with dark closing fast.

    I am wondering if a person had their own kayak/canoe could this water be fished by yourself. There seemed to be so many fishy places that we went by or didn't spend a lot of time fishing. My concern is not knowing the time frames and distances I could easily be calling for help in the dark.

    Any thoughts are appreciated as I was thinking of being in the kayak market before doing this trip. I think I would only attempt if there was another boat/fisherman with me.

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    I couldn't see why floating by yourself would be a big deal. Just familiarize yourself with the distances and float times between take outs and plan accordingly. I believe if you go on Unicoi Outfitters website, they have the float times already in a graphic on one of their pages.
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      I've never floated the Toccoa with a Guide, but I've floated it numerous times with other folks and by myself, in various watercraft. The only downside to doing it yourself is if you run into a problem, it can be a little scary. I did it a few years ago in my one man toon and wasn't sure I was going to make it. I developed a leak and didn't have a repair kit. I had to stop every 10-15 minutes and pump up the raft. I spent most of the day with my arse in the water, even though I was sitting in a seat! Thankfully, troutman joe was guiding that day, so I kind of kept him within site distance behind me just in case it got to where I couldn't float at all.
      I guess that's a long way of saying you can do it, but probably much better idea to have another person doing the float with (or at least near) you.


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        Itís a fairly easy float, but I would definitely wait until late spring to do it from a kayak - longer days and warmer air temps if you take a spill.

        I find itís really difficult to fly fish while floating the river from a kayak. I end up focusing more on dealing with my line and float thru the good spots too quickly. So, I usually get out and wade fish, usually with my kayak floating downstream of me clipped to my belt with a short rope.