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Glory hole at horseshoe bend

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  • Glory hole at horseshoe bend

    That looks like a good spot to put a produce stand.

    I've only been there once and don't remember seeing that.

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    I would recommend that everyone fish right there!
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      I noticed that tube a couple of years ago. I hate being reminded that the only reason I'm catching fish is because a truck came and dumped them in the river for me.


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        They should also put a wall up around that glory hole.
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          Btw--some years back, NGTO donated the money for the materials to make a lot of those.


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            Where is Horseshoe Bend?


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              Originally posted by JOHNKIES View Post
              Where is Horseshoe Bend?
              On the Toccoa River - Ron Henry Horseshoe Bend Park.
              "What's his offense?"
              "Groping for trouts in a peculiar river."
              ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure


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                It's a Fannin County Park just upstream from McCaysville. Across the river, in the first photo, you can see the RR tracks for the Blueridge to McCaysville train ride.
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                  It looked like Horseshoe Bend park area, but could not be certain. It's an area I often recommend due to easy access, picnic tables, toilets and parking. The river is wide, shallow and easy to enter/exit. Couple this with good stocking and few overhanging limbs and you have a great spot for new anglers.

                  My favorite time to fish there was Sunday mornings. Get there early, enjoy the morning and exit the water about noon as families were gathering for picnics. Often, big extended families and more times than I can count, I would wind up getting invited to lunch! The fried chicken and potato salad and deviled eggs and pickled beets and the 'nanner puddin'.

                  This around the turn of the century when I had my cabin on Fightingtown Creek. Would go to Toccoa when the creek was starting to peak at 70 degrees or so.