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    With the thermometer projected to be north of 50 today, I decided it was time to shed my "I'm too old for this crap" excuse and go fishing. But I did sleep in at my cabin to let the morning chill burn off before I headed out.

    The river is cc-cold and flowing pretty good (350 cfm) but definitely wadable. Most folks I checked in with were catching a few each, so not bad. I fished around the power line crossing and ended up with 4 decent size fish in about 45 minutes. That was about all my toes could take; as I said the water is freaking cold! Fly of the day was a brown girdle bug.

    PS: sorry, no pics but you all know what stocker bows look like. But I will say the color on these fish were pretty remarkable!
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    Two of us fished it Saturday as well, and it was colder than I had in mind, too. We were there from around 9:00 to 4:30 and only stopped long enough to eat some hot vegetable soup and cornbread. We fished each end of the dh and one spot in the middle near the gauge. Flies of the day for us were a deep sparkle pupa and a tiny rs2. Those two flies accounted for over thirty fish and everything else we tried only added two or three more to the tally. Fish we caught were all just stocker sized as well, no big ones, but we did have some colored up really nice.