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  • Toccoa tailwater

    I want to apologize in advance as this topic has been beaten to death in the past, but I still wanted to get some advice to make me feel a little better.

    I am staying on the Toccoa this weekend, in a cabin midway between the dam and Curtis Switch. I am bringing a kayak along with me to do some fishing. Not yet sure if I am going to do a point-to-point float trip, or just paddle upstream from my cabin and float back. I have been on the river around the time of a release and I know it is not a place I want to be while on a kayak.

    With this plan in mind, I have been observing the flows from the Blue Ridge dam over the past week or so. I have yet to get a good feel for the regularity of the releases. Some days the releases have been in the morning, some in the afternoon, some overnight. For example, today (2/13) they have been releasing all morning, but yesterday (2/12) they only released from 6pm to 8pm. In addition to this, the TVA release hotline said they were only generating from 12pm-1pm today (which based on the current observed data is not accurate).

    Does anyone have a better feel for the release schedule? Is it more regular on weekends? At this moment, I feel like it is a coin flip on whether they are going to release or not.

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    As of late they have not been consistent. Do you have TVA app? I would say they tend to not release as much on weekends but donít hold me to that. I also feel from the rain as of late they have been releasing more. I am sure that answer did not help. Avg out flow tomorrow is 1175 today is 983 Thursday 885. So looking at that tomorrow will be long release and Thursday too. Issues is they donít really give exact times. My opinion, this weekend want be as much of a release. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do.


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      You can always do what I do and play "Chase the release". Like if they just started a release, head to horseshoe bend, then leave there just before it gets there and head back to tammen or curtis switch. That is the good thing about them being so close together is the ability to keep your waders on and alternate between the three. Doesn't help you much if you are set on using your kayak though.
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        It just not release you need to worry about, it's the trib's they are dumping a lot of water in the system. I went over the Nottley yesterday and it's about 2ft higher than normal.
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          Thanks for the responses. I guess I will have to play it by ear. I may be chasing the release, as you suggested Prowler. Hopefully it wont rain too much between now and then. If they do end up releasing a lot this weekend, I will probably resort to lake fishing for bass. This trip is to celebrate my 30th birthday, and my main goal is to get out of Atlanta and spend some time outside floating around on some body of water, slinging a fly around with the potential to catch a fish, maybe drink a cold beer or two. As for the fish, I would prefer to catch some trout, but I don't discriminate too much. It is all about that tug!