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    i usually don't post about where I go or what I catch but today is a little different. I hear folks on here talking about streamers, hot spot, nymphs and a lot of junk flies as they are referred to.

    I carry some sort of dry fly with no matter the cold or heat. It seems that there will be a fish sticking his nose out of the water sometime during the day. In the winter I rely on a black cdc and deer for black stones or black caddis. I also have some small BWO's their always around. This time of year I'll carry Catskill style drys. First will be Quill Gordon's, they are past. Then it will be Hendrickson's, march browns and tan cdc and deer and so on as the season progresses.

    Now the rest of the story. My fishing partner hit the Chattooga. Now I have read that the Tooga is a nymph stream and I won't question that but it's also a great dry fly stream. We hit the water at about 1230 and fished until about 1900 hrs.

    As usual I always watch the water to see whats happening and today there wasn't much activity. So I tyed on my go to pattern, tan cdc and deer size 14. Second cast and a chubb was on, no skunk, LOL. I walked up stream some and got on the water after several casts a 12 in brown was on.

    After casting a lot and not gettin anything tyed on a size 12 March Brown, bam fish on. After awhile I see a big bug, hmm, has to be a Hendrickson. Now a disclaimer my eye are not great because of cataracts so it could have been something else. Any way I tye on a size 12 red quill and bam two more browns.
    then a small Bow. The sun started to set and what bugs that were fluttering around were getting fewer.

    Then, I made this cast, I saw it come from the bottom of the run and this "tuna" as a friend of mine calls big fish engulfed the fly and the fight was on. I never saw the big boy until he was about 15 ft from me, all the while shaking his head, not a happy camper.

    I got him into the net and he was the absolutely the fattest 20in brown I have landed on the Chattooga. I have caught nice fish like this in past but none were as fat as this big boy. To top it off he had no other scars or marks from previous hook up and all of his fins were perfect.

    I'm not a big fish guy or a numbers guy, I just like to catch fish on a dry. So here's a word, try dry flies sometime you might surprise yourself at the results.
    Something else I recently heard someone say that Catskill drys won't work on our water as it's different here that there, I beg to differer on that.

    Just to clarify I'm not a dry fly snob, I have nymphs, wet flies, s/h's , north country flies in in my box along with squirmy wormy's, eggs and other junk flies but drys are where my heart lies.

    Oh, I fish Tenkara a lot I also fish bamboo with silk line, just to be different.
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    The chattooga was where I caught my first big brown last year, and have never caught a bigger brown... yet. Good to hear about big browns dwelling in those waters.

    I'd definitely call myself a nymphing snob. I can't seem to love anything like I love my nymphs.. Though I did acquire a large amount of dries recently.. and now I have to try this thing that 'everyone else' seems to enjoy.

    Good report


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      Be careful fishing those dry flies Lumis..Once you catch fish on the surface, you'll be forever changed (for the better)..
      Tight lines!!



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        I'm with you on the results using dry's narco...I would also disagree with those that don't think traditional Catskill dry's will work here..

        Sounds like you had a great time on the Chattooga..Good post!
        Tight lines!!



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          Solid post couldn’t agree more

          You’ll never catch fish on a dry fly if you never tie one on


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            Dry fly fishing is very fun and rewarding.
            Even popper bugs on the local bream and bass. There's something very cool about watching the fish come up and eat.

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              Wow, narcodog busts out of a long period of lurking! Newsworthy in and of itself.

              Good to see you posting Mr. Kern, throw up some pictures of this march brown pattern that floats on top of the water.

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                It's The Eyes

                Trout and other predatory fish have their eyes on top of their heads ...... they look up for food. If they are near the bottom that includes the entire water column of course. Blah Blah Blah ... At the end of the day, any surface take is exciting! Bass are one of my favorites for this, busting a big popper sitting among the lily pads. Two notables for me was a giant grass carp sucking down a big hopper pattern on a pond and then towed me around the pond in my float tube for ten minutes. Another was in Quetico PP when a northern pike cleared the water and arched down of top of a surface plug. 'Bout wet my pants on that one!


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                  top water is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite! Dries and poppers/bugs!

                  bright/light colored soft hackles are a close second.
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