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    If you skipped a chance to fish today, you really missed out. Joined three of my fishing buddies on the Hooch WMA and the on-again / off-again Hooch was definitely on today.

    Several dozen fish between us in about 4 hours, mostly stocker and holdover bows in the 10-12" range. Couple of browns and four wild bows to boot.

    Heavy (and I do mean HEAVY) rain set in about 1pm and we headed out; before we reached the car the river was raging with water. By the time we drove out it had calmed but was pretty muddy.

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    Sounds like a great day!

    Deerhuntingdawg and I were victims of the same storm. We were just a few miles north, as the crow flies, and had water running down our crack for a good half hour! It had to have rained 2 inches??? But, the bite was on before AND after the storm.


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      It was good to hear your perseverance in fishing through the weather was rewarded..Same for buckman and Deerhuntingdawg.
      Tight lines!!