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Browns on Dries - Hooch WMA

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  • Browns on Dries - Hooch WMA

    What a great way to end the summer and stocking season! Managed to get out yesterday afternoon and fish the Hooch in the WMA north of Helen. Started out slow, but ended well when I switched to dries. I believe every fish I caught was a Brown, and most of them on dries. Now I know they were freshly stocked stockers, regardless great fun, especially on dries. Thanks to GA DNR for a great stocking season. Here is a pic of one of the fish I caught. Didn't take any other pics as all the fish I caught were similar to this one.
    "Why me Lord what have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known" - Kris Kristofferson

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    Trouts on the dry is the most fun!

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      Way to go HILLIS..Those trout are so much fun - especially on dries..Great job!!
      Tight lines!!



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        Dry Fly Browns!

        If I were to be forced to fish for only one trout species I would take the brown trout! Color, teeth, nasty attitude, size. Back before the turn of the century, I had a day on the Toccoa close to Horseshoe Bend park when the browns went nuts over drys! Including one brown well over 20 inches. Their strikes were all explosive and so fast they set the hook for me. Thanks for sharing your experience in Brown-Town


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          This spring and summer I embarked on an epic journey. I tried to trout fish 100 days straight. I fished on all my days off, and every afternoon until dark after work. I fished Chattahoochee WMA about 85 of the 104 days straight that I fished. I can tell you that the dry fly bite is just now beginning again. With the cooler temps, I've seen a LOT of surface activity in the last week. Saw it tonight. The temps are just right now, and mayflies are starting to come off again. A couple weeks ago I put down the spinning rig for the most part and started tight lining again. I've caught many fish after seeing trout surface to a bug, and then tightlining nymphs in front of it. Last week I watched a trout explode on a mayfly three times, and got it on the 4th try.
          As for the WMA.....there are big browns in there, but they are scarce. In +- 85 days or so fishing the WMA in a 100 day streak, I connected with two big browns. Both on the same crankbait with high, fast, completely muddy water while raining and with complete cloud cover. One broke my line, and one threw the hook in a surprisingly acrobatic display for a big brown. But be warned.....monsters lurk in the deep. They are there. I cannot seem to land them, but they are there. We are in the pre spawn phase, and we know the big girls are about to be eating soon. Hopefully we'll be seeimg some real big browns hitting the forum soon.


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            Interesting comments in this thread about browns, nasty attitude and the fight they have in them. A guy was spinning from the bank at the same time I got lucky and caught a few. Heard the same comments from him, which made me feel good, considering I was catching them, although they were freshly stocked stockers.
            "Why me Lord what have I ever done to deserve even one of the pleasures I've known" - Kris Kristofferson