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  • Tallulah River

    Still holding a few. Hopped in the river about 8 this morning. Water was 64 degrees. 5 hookups & 3 to hand. Consisted of a couple of small, wild rainbow & a nice 11-12 inch brown.

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    Supposed to head up near Sandy Bottoms to fish tomorrow. Hope to catch a few also. Caught rainbow on spinning reel before. First time going up tomorrow using fly rod.


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      Iím headed up Sunday morning and will be fishing the Tallulah River Sunday and Monday, hoping for some luck!


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        Last weekend I went and caught 2 on a y2k. Had one bite on an adams.


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          ...back when I could navigate rocks and steep terrain, I used to love going up the road by Tallullah a bridge or so above the campground and use a teensy wolly and olive with a little gold mylar...the fish tore it up...especially the species that cannot be spoken...

          ... in some of the holes where the water spills down between a couple of big rocks, there are surprises waiting for the patient fisherman...




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            Just finished day one on the Tallulah, I spent about four hours split between above Tate city and between Tate Branch and Sandy Bottoms. Four wild rainbows to hand, all in the four to six inch range and all on bead head nymphs. I got more bites than I caught and that was some tough fishing, I missed at least one good bite too.
            I tried buggers, two soft hackles, a San Juan worm and an unweighted prince and by far had the most bites on a single bead head prince.

            Tomorrow Iím going to focus more on the lower areas where it seemed most people were fishing today. I saw no one else in the upper stretches were I fished but also the fishing was pretty mean...


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              Congrats on the wild bows yesterday. Good luck today.


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                Hey guys, sorry for the late response! I work out of town and just put this off until I got back home today...

                So, the second day at Tallulah was really interesting. The first day, as previously posted, I had focused on the sections above Tate City and above the last campground...

                The second day I started in the lower section above the first campground and worked my way up several hundred yards with little luck. Where the previous day I had been getting consistent bites on the prince nymph, on the second day I was getting nothing really on the nymph. I had basically no success on that section (still its extremely scenic and fun).
                The most success that I had was between the fishing pier/overlook and the first campground (below the campground). I had a really great time getting dry fly bites and missed several trout and caught a load of the little silver and red dart minnows (I'm not sure what the species is called). On a smallish EHC I caught two nice browns in slower water and got two more top water bites that were dramatic, but misses.

                Overall, it was a lot of driving and fishing for not very many trout to hand, BUT to catch two browns on a small dry fly where I could watch the take and play them to the net was just awesome.

                Your mileage may vary as I would definitely say this was not numbers game, although I have still loads to learn about getting trout to bite a fly.


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                  Congrats on the browns. When I was up there I caught fish on a y2k. Had a few bites that I missed on #16 Adams.


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                    I got a couple of friends that live up at Tate City. I was very surprised to see the stock truck up there this late in the year yesterday !! I didn't need all my fingers to count the number of campers !! Didn't need all the fingers on one hand to count the number of people fishing all the way up !!

                    FYI guys


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                      My father in law and I went yesterday but didnt' get a bite. How far do you have to go past tate city to find the river again to fish? I always turned around past tate city.


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                        Trout Hunter, not much pass Tate City & you're in foreign territory (N.C.)


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                          I was up on the Tallulah River yesterday afternoon for an hour or so. I had just invested some hard-earned cash in a longish 3 wt. rod to focus on nymphing techniques. I was running a shallow water tandem rig with a bug up top and a small prince nymph a few feet below. Used a few small sinkers also.

                          Anyway after I settled down and started making some decent short casts , I hooked 2 trout at the same time. That was a first for me. A brownie took the bug and a smaller rainbow had the nymph. I managed to land them both, donít ask me how, and about 15 minutes later got another brown on the prince. Suffice to say the euro nymphing technique seems to work!

                          I was higher up the river but below sandy bottom.


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                            Tallulah River

                            Iím heading up there the 2nd weekend in December to camp at the Tallulah River Campground....can wait. 4 days of fishing and adult beverage consumption with ABSOLUTELY NO CELL SERVICE!!! Itís where I caught my first ever on a fly.

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                              I bet youíll have the campground all to yourself. Yesterday there was a lot of traffic coming in and a few folks fishing but there was still plenty of elbow room. May be a different story today.