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Getting a Game Plan for Floating the Toccoa DH

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  • Getting a Game Plan for Floating the Toccoa DH

    I have a group of buddies fishing the Toccoa DH in the next several weeks and was looking for some guidance...can you all please help me out with the questions below?

    Really appreciate all the great guidance from this forum...I tried the key word search and went back a bit but couldn't find concrete answers. Thanks!

    -Is the DH hard and fast stocked on Nov. 1st? Or does it happen later in the month?

    -What is best half day float for Towee and a Ghennoe...(ideally where we get access to the DH water)? Would you recommend Swinging Bridge to Sandy Bottoms? Or Dial Rd Pullout to Sandy Bottoms? Also how long are these 2 float (realize flow contributes just looking for a ballpark)?

    -Is there a good take out point at Shallowford Bridge? Or should we take out at Sandy Bottoms? There will be a bunch of us so we can move the boats with elbow grease and the trailer wench...want to try the DH section!
    I-n general what is the minimum for floating the DH in a Towee or Ghennoe?

    Thanks again!

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    To answer part of your questions, Swinging Br to Sandy Bottom is not in the DH section. DH section starts just upstream of Sandy Bottom and goes to just upstream of Shallowford Br. Up top here, see "Maps" and click "Toccoa DH Map". DH is usually stocked by Nov 1. An entire DH section float with no fishing is no more than an hour and a half so stop frequently to fish.


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      Thanks Ole Man! Is there a min flow you would recommend having to take boats in the DH section? Also would throwing a trolling motor on be helpful to move around the DH? Looks to be around 275 cfs now...

      Also can you pull boats out at Shallowford Bridge?



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        Never seen a boat on the DH. I've seen rafts, tubes, canoes and kayaks. This place is rock infested. Go to Google Map Georgia and zoom in on the DH with satellite view. You will see rock city on the river bottom. Shallowford Br is not on public land. Public land ends where the DH ends upstream of the bridge. A tubing/rafting co takes out at the bridge but prob with permission or by fee. Drag out of small craft is at riverside pull offs near the water.


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          I would want to scout that section before I put a Towee or Gheenoe in there. I wouldn't put my figerglass Riverhawk in there even if I could figure a way to get in in and out.

          Here's the gauge

          It's generally wadable, and then only in spots, for old foots like me at 350 cfs or 1.7 feet, although caution is always needed and one false step or slip could put you over your head. The water was higher than this for all but a few days during the DH season ending this year.


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            That is a tough float from either point of put in that you mentioned even in a kayak which I have done many times. A trolling motor is a no go.If the water was high enough to float your two boats you would be moving fast and fishing only when anchored or beached.Swinging bridge to Sandy bottom you probably will not be friends anymore LOL
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              I have seen post about guys in drift boats that I thought were close to the DH...I remember a few years ago going when it was really cold and the guys were floating to an area I thought they called pine island and pulling out...looks like the flows are around 350 now....may just carefully wade near the DH sections.


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                Itís doable in a drift boat, and yes there is a primitive take out somewhere before the bridge. I donít know the exact location but have been told about it. There is also a put in off of dial road, also primitive. Not sure I would attempt that float in anything but a raft or drift boat. It gets a little tricky above the island.

                I floated years ago in my two man pontoon with no issues, we took out on the left last the bridge. We also had to carry it up the bank, not sure if you can still use that one.


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                  Fished it a few times and always just waded and walked the FS road to different sections. I thought most sections were pretty easy to wade. But if you really wanted to float it, I would use float tubes. But even then you may be dragging them around a lot. But it will allow you to access the river outside the main easy wading sections close to the road. It's a pretty section of river for sure, but it can get a little busy, especially on nice days during the DH season.


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                    Great feedback thank you all for sharing your knowledge! Much appreciated!


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                      I was thinking about taking my kayak down the Toccoa DH. It's stable enough to stand on. Is that a good plan, or is there a better section I should look at?

                      Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread, just want to piggyback on all this great information!