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  • Savannah/Tybee

    Heading down to the beach for a week around the 4th and will be bringing my 8wt with me. Will be my first time fly fishing in the area and wanted to see if anyone has any tips or suggestions on where and what to fish. Will have access to a kayak but mostly looking for spots I can wade. Thanks

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    I have been trying to figure out wading around Bluffton, SC right up the road for a few years without much luck. If you decide to try a guide, I recently had a good experience with Mark:

    My understanding is wadeable flats in that area are closely guarded secrets.


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      My family vacation spot for the past 20 years has been Hilton Head Island. Last time I was there, I stopped in at HHI on the Fly ( They were very helpful- gave me a primer on using google earth to find flats. They sent me to Pinckney Island, which is a national wildlife refuge, so all public lands/shoreline. Basically, what they told me to do was look on Google Earth for places that were in the water, but that were brownish- i.e. places where grass stuck up out of the water. Those are the flats. I took my kayak, a 6wt. Scientific Angler fiberglass rod that's probably 15 years old, and some shrimp patterns. I was there during flood tides which is supposed to be good for fishing because it brings the red fish further up onto the grasses (or something like that). I ended up giving it a shot.... put my kayak at a boat ramp underneath the Island Expressway bridge, paddled the shoreline of the island, and had just gotten to what looked like a good spot to start fishing. Tide was coming up when I put in and helped a lot as I was paddling closer to the island. Unfortunately, after only 2 or 3 casts, the wind picked up something fierce, and before I knew it, I was in the nastiest thunderstorm. What started out as super calm water quickly turned into serious chop. So, there I was... 6 beers deep, no anchor, in a kayak for maybe the third time in my life, getting poured on, tossed around by the wind and what seemed like 5 foot swells. Needless to say, I paddled for my life back to the boat ramp. I learned real quick the advantage that speed and hitting the waves head on gives you. To make matters worse, the paddle back from the flats around the island to the boat ramp was on the intercoastal waterway. So, as I was paddling for my life, I had to also battle the wake of much larger boats blazing past me. One of the scariest moments of my life. Good luck to you, though! I haven't been back since, but will definitely try it again next time i'm there. I do believe that a lightweight anchor would make things much easier.


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        Appreciate the responses. Unfortunately HHI is out of the equation as Iím staying on Tybee and not driving over an hour to HHI. Guess I just need to convince the wife we should get a boat


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          Bump. Looking like the tides will be ideal to flood some flats. Anyone want to point me to spots they know have been productive in the past? A friend told me the flat between Ft Pulaski and Lazaretto Creek is one spot to check out