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Saturday, 1-30, St. Simons Report

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  • Saturday, 1-30, St. Simons Report

    I had an NGTO'er fish with me on Saturday. It was great to see an old face that I had met years ago at a Fling.

    The weather was warm, with temps in the 60's. However, we were fighting strong SW winds, muddy water and a strong tidal flow. We found the fish on the first flat. These fish were in water less than 8" deep. We drifted past them several times, but failed to connect.

    On the next flat, we found the red fish finning and tailing in the shallow water. Even though the water was muddy, we could see them flashing and eating. My angler had a strong strike, but failed to set the hook.

    On the third flat we enountered several schools of between fifty and a hundred fish. We drifted into them, but with the winds, it was difficult to get an accurate cast.

    At the end of the day, unfortunately, it was three strikes and no hooksets. The wind was strong, but I was able to set it up with down wind casts.

    Here are a couple of tips that will help you catch fish under these adverse conditions.

    1. When you are casting with the wind, your back cast should be short with tight loops. On your forecast, open your loop and let the wind take your fly to the fish, shooting a lot of line.

    2. STRIP STRIKE and strip strike hard and fast. Keep your rod pointed at the fly, and when you feel the slightest hesitation, pull hard and fast with your line hand. Pull all the way from the rod to as far back as your arm will go. Don't raise the rod tip. The reds mouth is on the bottom of their head, and raising the rod will pull the fly out of their mouths.

    Catching red fish with a fly rod is not easy, so practice your casting and practice strip strikes. It will help you connect with more fish.
    Capt. Dave
    Fly Cast Charters of St. Simons Island, GA
    "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"
    FFF Certified Casting Instructor
    Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide

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    David was great. I was not. He had me in fish all day but i could not bury the hook.

    Most importantly he was very knowledgeable and freely shared tips and tactics. You can tell he is passionate and loves what he does.

    I'm planning on dragging my skiff down this weekend to put my education to the test. Hopefully I can set the hook this time.