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  • Redfish

    Putting together gear for redfish in the appilachicola area. Need info on tippet and leader sizes and fly patterns. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Oh and fly line recommendations


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      7 WT line.....tapered redfish/sea trout leader in 12 lb test should be good. Clousers and crab and shrimp patterns....

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        Thank you


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          I wouldn't go out without a Dupree Spoon Fly. I like the pearl gold and copper orange.


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            Just returned from a red Fishing trip to Chauvin, LA. Guide tied a leader of 6 feet of 30lb mono to 3 feet of 20lb mono. That was it. He also said that if you use spoon flies, you need to tie a barrel swivel between the 30lb and 20lb...otherwise the action of the spoon may cause serious twisting of your leader and fly line.

            We used Rio Redfish Winter Fly Lines in 8wt. I wouldn't go any smaller than that. You need the backbone strength of an 8wt rod to turn a regular sized Red fish and if you hook a "Bull" there would be no way with a 7wt.

            Good luck... it's addicting.
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              Lots of ways to fish for reds. I personally would go with an 8 weight rod, a floating line and an 8-9' leader ending in 20 lb. tippet. The Dupree spoon is a great recommendation for searching or sight fishing. I would add some deer hair sliders for calm days in skinny water over grass flats. You might need weed guards on your flies. In the salt there are 3 foods - shrimp, crabs and bait fish. Work your fly like these prey would act. Baitfish and shrimp patterns work well for stripping flies but I would save the crab patterns for sight fishing where you can drop it and barely move it to get attention. Crabs do not try to outrun fish. They drop to the bottom and try to hide. Also be ready for opportunities like sea trout or schools of spanish mackerel and ladyfish blitzing bait that can give you a bent rod. Small silvery baitfish patterns for the blitzing schools and closers for the trout. If you wind up fishing depths of 4' or greater you might have more success with an intermediate sinking line or at least a sink tip line to get your fly down. Have fun and remember the stingray shuffle if you get out wading.


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                Bait fish are working good right now in the Choctawhatchee. I've had very good luck with Henry Cowan's Menhaden pattern. Reds, Trout and few of the smaller Jack Crevalle really anything that's around eats it.
                It's my go to fly in the bay right now, easy tie too.
                I like Dupree spoons a lot and fish them often, very easy to cast. Never had an issue with them twisting my line, other spoons maybe. It's going to be high in the water though unless your using intermediate line. Great for the flats. The Menhaden pattern has done much better here of late.
                It retrieves hook up and weighted, makes it very versatile.

                PS around here Gold Dupree is the color, Pearl is also a good one
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                  Thanks to everyone for all the info. Have fished bays in the panhandle area a lot but never on a fly rod. Lots of experience with trout on the fly but never salt water. Canít wait to see if I can make it happen


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                    8wt with floating line, preferably something with a heavy head for casting in wind. I run 6 feet of 20lb straight from the line, no need for a fancy or complicated leader. In that area I have had success with Cowen's Coyote, wiggle minnows, and Clouser minnows. Target transition zones and keep moving. Have fun, I love that fishery.
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                      Electric chicken and red/white colors for your clousers. Everything eats EC and trout love the red/white.


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                        I've found there is no need for a swivel with a spoon fly. 6 feet of 20lb floro and roll on with life. Don't let anyone give you too hard of a time about throwing a spoon fly. It's just a redfish, don't let yourself get caught up in churching them up.

                        It the wind won't lay down, consider taking a spinning rod with you. I'm fond of a good 2500 reel with 30lb braid on a 6ft to 6.5ft medium action rod. My two favorite convential redfish lures are a Johnson Flats Intruder Spoon and a Heddon Spook.. The Heddon One Knocker is easy to walk the dog with and plenty loud; cutting the middle treble off the Heddon Super Spook will make it walk a little easier. Another benefit of the Spook this time of year is the trout you will pick up.

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                          I went to Charleston a few weekends ago and caught them at low tide on Shrimp patterns and a few locally tied patterns (order a few of Brighton's Rhedd Butler from Lowcountry If you get the chance to cast at tailing fish, the go-to is usually a crab pattern (look up EP Crab patterns).

                          When I lived near the beach, I used an 8wt, but I've really enjoyed throwing a 7wt here recently. Right now I have an Arc Redfish floating line which I really like ( I've fished the Rio redfish and bonefish lines as well- those work fine as well.

                          Like the above guys said, 6ft of straight 20lb fluoro tippet works great. I've tapered a few with 20-12, but its not too necessary. I think that it is more important to get used to casting a bigger rod and bigger flies, especially if you have been casting size 20 nymphs every weekend.
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                            I realize this advice is probably past its sell-by date as I type it, but a couple of thoughts:

                            1. If you're only going to fish on the inside a 7wt is adequate and an 8 is spot on. If you anticipate doing any significant amount of fishing in the surf, you might consider a 9. They're a little tougher to manage in the suds and swell.

                            2. Fishing in NC and the SC Low Country, I haven't found redfish to be terribly fly selective. It has usually been more a matter of just finding redfish and getting pretty much anything down at eye level in front of one without spooking it off. Pretty much all of the patterns suggested in this thread should work, and more besides, provided you locate redfish and cast reasonably well. Make sure you carry some flies with lead and some with bead chain. Some light/some dark across a range of basic pattern types (poagie/shrimp/crab). Like I said, I don't think they're overwhelmingly selective about flies, but my own bias is toward smaller patterns, stuff that will make a less conspicuous entry.