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Miami and Keys for spring break

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  • Miami and Keys for spring break

    I'm planning a spring break trip with my family and it looks like we値l be splitting time between Miami Beach and the Keys. Last year痴 Cape San Blas trip was made all the more awesome by the many tips this board offered me when I was able to sneak away and catch a bunch of flounder and sea trout.

    So I知 asking for advice again. I知 thinking I値l have a day to rent a Kayak at Virginia Key or Key Biscayne to fish while in Miami Beach. Maybe I'll sneak out in Biscayne Bay west of Miami Beach as well. Looks like I found a kayak rental close to our Airbnb. Any recommendations for rentals or fishing locations would be appreciated. I値l ask for fly and spinning gear suggestions later.

    Then I知 hoping to have three days in the keys. I知 zeroed in on the Islamorada area. I壇 be grateful for lodging recommendations anywhere between Tavernier and Lower Matecumbe Key for the budget-minded traveller.

    I知 more of a DIY fisher, so locations and kayak rental ideas would be helpful. I値l try to save up for a guide, so I値l take recs on a good guide for me (newbie in salt, more at home high-sticking in little creeks). Again, I値l ask for flies/gear recs later.

    My kid is obsessed with snorkeling (got hooked on it on the Conasauga River) so we池e planning on doing a bit of that as well.

    Thanks again. This place is such a great resource.

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    I can recommend the Coral Bay Resort in Islamorada.

    It is "old Florida" style, with several small bungalos and a few apartment style units, on a nice piece of property, on the bay side. There is pretty good snorkling around the little breakwater, a salt water lagoon with a sand beach, and a pool. There is also a little boat harbor. I stayed there last June, rented at boat at Robbies, and kept it overnight for several nights at the resort. We loved it.

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      Biscayne Bay

      You're headed to two great spots. If I was going to fish Biscayne Bay, I would get a guide. The fishing is that much better from Soldier Key, south. Too far for a Yak and the fish are pressured so a guide is a heck of a bonus. Call Carl Ball (954) 383 0145, but do it quickly since he starts getting crazy busy in the spring.
      Islamorada is awesome but crowded. You could find success there if you are willing to paddle far enough. Peterson Bank, Shell Key, the bridges all work. Head a bit farther south to Big Pine and you shake the crowds and up your chances. See what's open first since Big Pine got pummeled by Irma. Everything from Bahia Honda south to Block Island is awesome fishing and easy to get to with a Kayak.


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        In Miami on Biscayne key on the North end of Crandon Park there are a lot of wadeable flats, kayak rentals, and I ran into quite a few bonefish there last spring. The further you get down in the keys you can catch tarpon in just about any canal that you drive by. In the mornings it gets pretty awesome to see them rolling, it looks like boiling water.

        The biggest challenge that I ran into in the spring was the wind, and I found myself using my 12wt more than the 8 wt. I needed a lot more training to cast it for a week.