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St. Simons, Jekyll and Sea Island Late Fall, Early Winter Fishing Report

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  • St. Simons, Jekyll and Sea Island Late Fall, Early Winter Fishing Report

    Every 6 to 8 weeks, I send out a newsletter with everything fly fishing in Teh Golden Isles of Georgia.

    Here is a copy of the fishing report in my latest newsletter. If you want to see the whole newsletter with info on Red Fish spawn success, What to Expect in the winter fly fishing red fish click here:Fly Cast Charters Newsletter. There are lots more images in the newsletter.

    Send me a PM if you would like to be on the mailing list.

    "Late Fall and Early Winter fishing report

    Through much of November and into early December, the fishing for trout and red fish was on fire. On several low tide trips my anglers had shots of schools of 25-50 big red fish tailing toward them in inches of water. These fish were actively feeding on millions of shrimp that were still in the creeks. Watching a school of 25 big reds come feeding toward you is as exciting as casting to a red fish tailing in the grass.

    The low tide fish are extra spooky, so longer casts and lighter flies are necessary to get them to eat. There is nothing like watching a fish notice your fly, watching the fish, working the fly to entice the fish to grab your fly, strip striking and hearing your line scream off the reel. It is incredibly rewarding when it all comes together.

    The weeks up to Christmas were a little slow with big tides and cold weather. Then at Christmas, the cold weather came in with high winds and cold weather. We were able to get a few trips in after Christmas, and all the folks got shots at fish. The first few weeks of January were bitterly cold and I didn't go out.

    The weather has moderated some, and the water is clear. After having the motor overhauled on the Maverick, I am doing a little gel coat maintenance on her. I added a few pictures below of the girl with band aids all over her which are masking the gel coat work.

    I took her fishing yesterday, and we found lots of red fish in clear water. I even managed to catch one."
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    Capt. Dave
    Fly Cast Charters of St. Simons Island, GA
    "Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"
    FFF Certified Casting Instructor
    Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide

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    Nice report and enjoyed looking at your Newsletter. Would like to fish with you some day!