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    Going to spend a week at Cumberland Island Sea Camp the last week of March. There is supposed to be 10,000 acres of tidal marsh that I understand are somewhat accessible from the Island. The low tide is around noon and moving towards the Full Moon by weeks end. A Yak, I would assume would be a killer option but due to camping and ferry limitations I don't think that's an option. Any suggestions how to access wade able areas would be appreciated.

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    ..if you are brave, take a float tube...we , over the years, have fished near Kiawah, Hilton Head, and James islands...lots of reds and specs and flounder...crab, shrimp imitators are go-to flies...a silver/white clouser at times...or, if you are spinning, almost any porgy-looking swim bait...




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      Possibly an inflatable stand up paddle board if you have access to one.

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      Peace, y'all.


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        thanks for the tips. An inflatable paddle board would turn the tide for sure.


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          It can be tough without a boat. I am heading down there this morning, to stay up near the middle of the island, marsh side. But for down where you'll be, if you cut across the Dungeness grounds there's a little creek, the dock may be gone after the last hurricane. Fish come up there on the high tide. Beware that Camden county mud. I use a pair of long mud boots. Also, it's a short hike down to the jetties. wet-wade there. Stay off the rocks, slick and sharp. A lot of fish gather on both sides. You'll even see sheepshead cleaning the rocks. Depending on the weather, one side may be smooth as glass. The guys in boats congregate down there on weekends. I missed a large redfish on the north side in shallow water, unknowingly lining her and startling her. Have also had manatees swim right up to my boots. touched one on the nose with my rod tip. hope that helps.


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            I agree with my fellow Decaturite above. The tidal marsh below Dungeness is accessible by foot. I've see rays swimming in the pool near the boardwalk leading to the beach from there, but never caught anything in the marsh. I also cast where the tidal pool empties out into the bay, south of Raccoon Key w/o success. There must be fish in there, but never saw any the few times I fished it.

            I've also cast into the deep sections off a dock next to the Grange house, which is next to Dungeness, again, w/o success.

            I've caught a bunch of whiting in the surf with spinning gear using shrimp as bait.