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Summer fun and bloody thumb

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  • Summer fun and bloody thumb

    Since I haven't had anything special to post on the trout front and my son likes to look at pictures on the internets, thought I would include some of the summer break shots. **Disclaimer, I am including a couple for "educational" purposes where I gaffed myself with a fly and it aint a size 22 micro whatever**

    Sunrise rainbow on Fowl River

    The big guys first red snapper

    Some more nice snapper

    The Meg, right? Kids had fun winching on it for awhile

    Thank goodness for white trout and croaker and crappie jigs

    The lone speckled trout for the boys, they didn't want to cooperate. How bout that disgruntled look in the background, nothing like getting out fished by the locals

    Now for the educational portion of the post. Shortish version, went a couple mornings at daylight, confluence of Fowl River, AL and Mobile Bay, home. Brackish water, anything and everything might be there. Kept getting bit off with fish and bait blowing up everywhere. Bluefish, Spanish, little jack crevalle, not sure. Something toothy and they seemed game. Went back to the house to get the long stick and in the process of tying on a piece of #50 mono as a bite leader, I buried a fly in my thumb. Fortunately it was really sharp and the angle was just right, so the tippiest of the tip of the hook came back through. **Hopefullly this not deemed inappropriate**

    After some choice adult words, I decided to remove all the bling to see what I was working with, eyesight is requiring readers these days and this was not one I wanted to screw up any more. Cut off all the dressing and was able to cut the hook and take out most of the curve of the hook. At this point it was grab and grunt. It took three tries and then I finally got the barb through

    It really wasn't that bad once I finally got it all the way out, looked a little bit like a crime scene on the dock, but felt a lot better. Always a good idea to have sharp cutting pliers on hand, got lucky here.

    About 10 that night I was checking on the boat and saw a commotion at the neighbors dock. Eased over there with a big topwater plug and solved the mystery. Turned out to be the lowly and nasty, but fun fighting lady fish. As they are terrible to have in the boat, no photos of the poor man's tarpon.

    Sunset on the bayou

    I wouldn't try to express it as eloquently as Dylar has, but getting back home to the smell of the salt does one's soul some good