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T-storms have the pond fishing good

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  • T-storms have the pond fishing good

    We have had some strong storms the past couple nights in Alpharetta. The kids I and were out early and found alot of drowned flies.

    With hooch being muddy figured I would go to the neighborhood lake.. hoping they were biting after all the rain and bugs out.

    Using a popper with a skirmy dropper the bit was on! As much as I enjoy trout fishing the bream are alot of fun!

    I also picked up this older reel and rod at a garage sale. Pulling the fish in using the trigger was a blast. Plus it was nice not to have to rerig my trout rod

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    Nice job, wish I could catch a few. My pond must have some of the pickiest bluegill in existence. They've been avoiding almost every fly I've thrown this year. Only thing that's worked recently is a foam beetle.


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      Great post!!!
      It wouldn’t have taken my grandmother 20 minutes to have had the grease hot and the hush puppy mixed up. If i were to have come home with a dozen of those.

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      "Be patient and calm - for no one can catch fish in anger." - Herbert Hoover


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        Nice gills. Thanks for the report.