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DNR float tube fishing response - GA Parks

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  • DNR float tube fishing response - GA Parks

    In a recent post to this section of the Board, I relayed my experience when trying to get permission to use my tube at Fort Yargo. I also posted that I had written a letter to my DNR Board Representative about this. The DNR has replied in the affirmative!!!

    The letter I received from the DNR Commissioner, Lonice C. Barrett says in part,
    "We understand your group's desire to be allowed to use float tubes as a means of solitary recreation for fishing at state parks. Thus the management staff of the Georgia State Parks & Historic Site Division has carefully reviewed the laws and rules in which we operate our state parks to see if there was a possible way to allow float tube fishing at our state parks.

    After carefully reviewing the law and rules, which apply to boating in the State of Georgia, the management staff of the Georgia State Parks & Historic Site Division has decided to consider float tubes used for fishing as a Class A vessel. Consequently, state parks will allow float tubes to be used for fishing in the Georgia State Parks Waters where privately owned boats are permitted."

    The letter continues to say that we must adhere to the state boating regs that govern Class A vessels, namely we must carry a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device. It also states that park managers can use some descretion where hazards may be present, such as, alligators, or high speed boat traffic.

    I'm glad I wrote the letter and I'm glad my Mom taught me years ago that sometimes it does pay to fight city hall - or at least contact them!!! Let's thank the DNR for being sensitive to our wishes and looking into the matter rather than just ignoring us.


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    Good news and good for you in pursuing the question. Thanks!!


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      Hey Woolybugg:
      Please post the address of the individual you contacted at the DNR. Some positive responses form the board members may go over big. The DNR just may not realize how many of us tube their water ways. Thanks also for the effort. I wonder if the this DNR department knows about NGTO on the "ask the DNR" section.
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        Great job, WB. I, too would like to thank DNR for putting some energy into this question.

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          Bravo! Thank you for persisting on this point.

          Neal Gilchrist

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            Well. First let me say that I'm glad.


            Thanks W.B. good job.


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              fly on the wall -

              Here's the Board memeber that I contacted:

              Thomas W. Wheeler, Jr.
              Post Office Box 957209
              Duluth, GA 30095
              Bus: (770) 476-4801
              Fax: (770) 497-8811



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                Thanks, Woollybugg
                If this were rocket science most of us wouldn't be doing it. - Terry Creech


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                  Many thanks man!!! Its about time we won one.


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                    So, what's the damage on the disclaimer? Anybody have a list of the State Parks that do and do not allow private boats? No private boats means no float tubes.


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                      Rules have changed?

                      Anyone that enjoys float tube fishing at State Parks, many of us have been told this week at Lake Vogel State park that Float tubes will no longer be allowed on any state park water. Trying to get to the bottom of this.
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                        That's not a good thing. If they are going to prohibit float tubes, what about other inflatables. I will try to remember to call DNR HQ tomorrow and ask questions.
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                          I have a couple of calls to the Parks division hdq., who had not a clue about this and then up to Lake Vogel, where the lady that answers the phone was equally as uninformed. She took my name and phone number, went to the NGTO message board and saw Ben's posting and promised to have the park manager give me a call.

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                            Just got off the phone with Jack Becker, the manager of Vogel Lake State Park. Prior to my call, he was happily unaware of any issues involving float tubes and had me send him photos of tubes to be sure we were all talking about the same things. He then contacted his local law enforcement division personnel (game warden) about using float tubes on state park waters. Jack said the warden said float tube could be used on state park waters. However, the person in the tube had to be wearing an Coast Guard approved PFD. Which I can assure you is a good idea at all times.

                            It is my guestimation, this is one officers or maybe one districts take on the float tubing regulations. Apparently, some warning tickets were recently handed out but no fines to date. Wear your PFD when you are in any kind of boat but I can assure you float tubes do turn over were relative ease.
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                              The statement below is from the manager of Vogel State Park, copied and pasted from his email this morning to me:

                              I received further clarification on the wearing of PFDs while using float tubes. You do not have to have it on, but you do have to have in the float tube with you. Anyone under the age of 13 must be wearing it.

                              As a safety professional and avid float tuber, who has completed two half barrel rolls in float tubes (2 events), I would encourage everyone to wear your PFD while in your tube. But, at the end of the day, we may lawfully use our float tubes in state park waters, if we had appropriate PFD's.

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