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    Broke out the 7 weight and bigger streamers and got skunked for 3 hours and rather than snap my rod over my knee I decided to hit a local pond instead... had fun catching a bunch of fat blue gills and felt much better. I caught a small gill near a dock and as I stripped him in the water suddenly swirled and boiled and a huge bass started attacking the little guy! I quickly landed him and a few casts later caught a little bass and the big giant bass was at it again. He had to be two feet at least and had a huge bucket mouth! I will definitely be going back and going after that guy!
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    get you a 4 wt and some sponge spiders and see what happens...pond fishing is "nothing but nothing but right, Donnie"...I caught a chain pickeral on a 4 wt at a pond in S. GA a few months was like fighting a tarpon...he came 3 feet out of the water, dove, stripped line, and really put on a show...

    ...go where you can...




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      Some of my best fishing memories as a kid were catching bream with nothing but a fly rod and popping bugs.


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        Some of my best fishing memories are catching bream with a fly rod.

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