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State Park and USFS Small Lake Float Fishing Q and A

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  • State Park and USFS Small Lake Float Fishing Q and A

    Dredger reported:

    Here is what Iíve learned.

    First, GA State Parks Divisionís North Region Manager Joe Yeager provided the following information on our state park lakes. The yellow highlights red italics are mine. Joe and assistant manager Matt Owens are in the Helen region office. (706-878-4752)

    Yes, here is the list of lake activities (including boating) that are allowed at state parks. Regarding the float tube, they are permitted as long as the person is also wearing an approved PFD. I understand LED issued a warning recently at Vogel for using a float tube without an approved PFD.

    1700 LAKE ACTIVITIES 6/12
    The following chart indicates the activities which are permitted at state owned lakes. A state owned lake is defined as a body of water wholly within the boundaries of a property owned and operated by PRHS. Examples of waters not included in this definition are Corps of Engineer Lakes, USFW waters (Stephen Foster), and rivers or streams.
    Fishing is allowed on all lakes unless indicated between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
    Swimming allowed only at beaches unless indicated.
    Boating allowed during daylight hours only.
    No boating, swimming, or fishing is allowed on golf course lakes or ponds.
    R - Rentals
    NPV - No private vessels permitted
    PVP- Private vessels permitted, no restrictions
    PVP-E - Private vessels permitted, electric motors only
    PVP-10 Ė Private vessels permitted 10hp max.
    B - Beach
    NF Ė No Fishing

    A.H. Stephens State Park (Lake Liberty 1 acre)
    R, NPV

    A.H. Stephens State Park (Federal Lake 18 acre)
    R, PVP-E, B (group camp use only)

    A.H. Stephens State Park (Lake Buncombe 28 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    Black Rock Mountain State Park (Black Rock Lake 17 acres)

    F.D. Roosevelt State Park (Lake Franklin 25 acres)
    PVP-E, B (group camp use only)

    F.D. Roosevelt State Park (Lake Delano 11 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    Fort Mountain State Park (Fort Mountain Lake 17 acres)
    R, PVP-E, B

    Fort Yargo State Park (Fort Yargo Lake 260 acres)
    R, PVP-10, B

    General Coffee State Park (General Coffee Lake 4 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    George L. Smith State Park (George L. Smith Lake 412 acres)
    R, PVP-10

    Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park (Gordonia-Alatamaha Lake 12 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    Hamburg State Park (Ogeechee Lake 225 acres)
    R, PVP-10

    Hard Labor Creek State Park (Lake Rutledge 275 acres)
    R, PVP-10, B

    Hard Labor Creek State Park (Lake Brantley 45 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    High Falls State Park (High Falls Lake 650 acres)
    R, PVP-10, No restrictions on swimming and fishing from private property.

    Indian Springs State Park (Lake Clark 105 acres)
    R, PVP-10, B

    James H. Floyd State Park (James H. Floyd Lake 52 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    Kolomoki Mounds State Park (Lake Yohola 50 acres)
    R, PVP-10

    Kolomoki Mounds State Park (Lake Kolomoki 80 acres)
    R, PVP-10, B

    Laura S. Walker State Park (Laura Walker Lake 120 acres)
    R, PVP (10 hp only before 9 am and after 6 pm EST and 7pm DST except by permission of site manager)

    Little Ocmulgee State Park (Little Ocmulgee Lake 265 acres)
    R, PVP, B
    Magnolia Springs State Park (Lake Magnolia 28 acres)
    R, PVP

    Panola Mountain State Park (Alexander Lake 19 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    Panola Mountain State Park (Mountain Lake 4 acres)
    NF, NPV

    Panola Mountain State Park (Drake Lake 2 acres)
    NF, NPV

    Providence Canyon State Park (South Glory Hole 5 acres)

    Reed Bingham State Park (Bingham Lake 375 acres)
    R, PVP, B

    Unicoi State Park (Unicoi Lake 53 acres)
    R, PVP-E, B

    Victoria Bryant State Park (ADA pond & Camper Pond 23 acres combined)

    Vogel State Park (Lake Trahlyta 22 acres)
    R, PVP-E, B

    Watson Mill Bridge State Park (Mill Pond 5 acres)
    R, PVP-E

    O.C.G.A. 12-3-10-(E,F,G,H)
    DNR rules 391-5-3-,04 (2,3,4)

    Second, the boating opportunities and restrictions for the USFS lakes (Winfield Scott, Dockery, Nancytown, etc.) are described here:

    As I understand from USFS-Blairsville biologist Jim Wentworth and our own GADNR-LED Sgt Steve Seitz, the Chattahoochee Forest boating rules follow the state rules.
    Steve said that operators of float tubes who are age 13 and older and indeed floating (not just standing in the shallows, with a float tube around them) would need to have a life jacket with them. Float tube operators under age 13 would need to be wearing their life jackets.

    Remember, I am not commissioned (LE), so Iím simply passing along the info from the folks managing these small lakes. If you have further, specific questions on what is or is not allowed, may I suggest you go right to those sources. For our fine USFS partners, here is their district office contact info:

    Our GADNR- LED region office number here, in Gainesville, is 770-535-5499.

    I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for buying your licenses and TU tags. They really help fund our management programs that hopefully put a bend in your fly rods. For the latest trouting intel, we have many gold nuggets here: (esp the map and stocking bullets)

    Good luck this spring, guys.


    Jeff Durniak
    North Georgia Region Fisheries Supervisor

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    I copied this thread to the Ask DNR-US Army COE forum, and Stuck it to the top of the forum's index.

    Want to Help Ease DNR's Budget Woes? Buy a TU license Plate!


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      Does anyone know if you can float tube in county parks? Gwinnett/Hall would be of most interest to me.

      DD F
      Fly Fisherman - Part Entomologist, Part Meteorologist, Part Ichthyologist, Part Hydrologist, All Liar.