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Fish Hawk - A Classic Wet

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  • Fish Hawk - A Classic Wet

    Could not find much on this pattern except that its close relative, the orange fish hawk (soft hackle), can put a serious hurtin' on the fish. Apparently it is a great fish catcher. Good thing this one is going in a display. The body looks weird because I could not get my camera to register that tinsel body correctly.

    Fish Hawk
    Hook: Mustad 3399, size 6
    Thread: Danville's Flymaster 6/0, white
    Tail: Brown turkey
    Rib: Brown floss
    Body: Gold tinsel
    Hackle: Brown
    Wing: Brown, jungle eye over

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    It's camouflaged.
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      I would fish that! Looks a lil bit like a muddler minnow to me. World class fly as usual

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