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Homemade Strike Indicators

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    Maybe this will be of some help?


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      I fish the NZ quite a bit, and for spooky fish it's the best. The trick it using enough wool, thickness wise, but trim to a reasonably small size and add gink(generously). I regularly fish tandem midge rigs with #4 or #6 shot and it always floats. The wool style indicator will detect more subtle takes than a bobber style indicator( i.e. winter month midge takes can be extremely light) Also doesn't kink your leader. Just my experience!
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        Interesting topic here! As i'm fairly new to the addiction i've been trying all of them across the board, Thingamabobbers, NZ, and now these Loon Stealth indicators.

        The bobbers were a bit much for any longer casting (for me), NZ weren't floating well enough and I had to keep track of the little tool, but these i've found are working great for me. Orvis sells a multi pack of sizes and colors (neon or neutrals), great water resistance out of the box, but coat them up nicely and I haven't had any issue whatsoever, even in a full day of rain, just add some more floatant if/when needed.

        I've personally increased my hook-up rate tremendously, wether thats from changing to these or i'm finally showing progress in my skills... The sensitivity on these is awesome, I'm a fan.


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          I like this one sorta..
          A little less than anatomically accurate, but easy enough and better than just yarn maybe.

          Hopdicator foam hopper

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            Yes, tone57 that's exactly what I was looking for. brilliant. Thanks!
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