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    Originally posted by orey10m View Post
    So, Big T, when you say "midges, midges" and I believe one time you said "...midges", is this like one you're referring to?

    (trying to up my midge game and downsize my offerings some, and 'midge' still seems to me like such it can be an indefinite term in the fly fishing world )

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    Yes that is one of my go to midges. By definition, a midge is any small flying non-biting insect so it is pretty generic, kind of like the term nymph. You can tie them in so many size, color, and pattern variations.

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      I concur: good pattern that I've borrowed.

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        I am going to try some of them today on the hooch Dh. Looking forward to it!
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          Great fly T thank you for the instruction, it's easy to tie and catches fish! Right in my wheel house!

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