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  • Fly tying lamp

    I'm looking for your thoughts and suggestions on a dedicated fly tying lamp. Between my prescription readers and regular lighting, tying the size 14 and smaller flies seems to be more difficult. LED, halogen, help! Bob

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    If IKEA is convienet this is a good little lamp, especially for $10. Works pretty good as a spotlight for tying. I integrated one into the bench I built.

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      Chuck Morris turned me on to this sub-twenty-dollar light from Lowe's. It is bright and doesn't throw off a lot of heat:
      The Drifter

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        The one that Drifter suggested also is available with a fixed base. I have one of each on my tying desk. I also carry a third clip on model with my tying travel kit. I highly recommend these lamps.

        I just looked at Lowe's website and it appears that this particular model is no longer available. However, I was in a Lowe's not long ago and they have a very similar light for about the same price. It it also available in a clip on and fixed base.
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          Or this for those whose eyes aren't what they used to be


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            Cabela's $30

            Hope this helps


            And a couple of other options all under $50


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              Me and FP use the same light...


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                Found a nice one new on EBay 25 bucks 2x magnification with bright LED's. Couldn't tie without it... sucks getting older🤓

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                  I have the one that Chuck is talking about and it is great. Link below...

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                    I'm a big fan of OTT lights. The one I have Is an older version of this. With the natural's amazing! I only paid like $60 at Michael's when I got it. Still running like a champ on the original bulb nearly 8 years later!


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