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  • Zeeee's RB2

    Here is my prototype RB1 aka The Rainbow Booger

    Hook: Allen Size 12 Barbless Streamer hook
    Bead: 2.8 mm Rainbow colored tungsten bead
    Thread: White 8/0 Thread (coated in zap a gap which makes it looks darker)
    Tail / Thorax: Hareline Rainbow Scud Dub in the Darker Shade

    Fairly simple, yet effective fly that has landed a large amount of fish especially in the DH areas. I wish that we had rainbow colored marabou so I could have used that on the tail to get more action, but the fish seem to love this pattern. You can fish it in a multitude of ways just like the original wooly booger. Hope everyone enjoys my simple, yet effective pattern. Stay tuned for RB2 to release shortly. Version 2 has been in the works for a little while now. Hopefully this weekend I will test her out.

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    Very nice.
    I'll need to try that one.


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      Zee - very leechy looking, wouldn't worry about maribou. If you want more flash add a couple of strands of rainbow krystal flash to the tail. If you want variety, just change out the bead to gold or silver. Welcome to the minimalist tyers club - only do what is need to fool a fish.

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