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Trade for COQ DE LEON

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  • Trade for COQ DE LEON

    I want to try this for tails on nymphs.

    I have a ton of old fly tying materials that I wont be using so let me know what you need and we can trade.

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    Not trying to discourage a trade, but you can get the real Spanish feathers for $6 (plus shipping, I assume). This is from Devin Olson who is on the U.S. fly fishing team.


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      Thanks for the website. I think he uses coq de leon for all his nymph tails.

      Looks like I can get everything I need from Devin's and Big T's online stores. Great prices and cheap shipping.


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        Don't forget Lance Egan's
        "Something to think about: If you fish the wrong fly long and hard enough, it will sooner or later become the right fly."
        ~John Gierach~

        Trophies are relative


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          I'd obviously try it with the smaller pack before you commit to anything, but I'd eventually invest in a Coq de Leon Rooster Saddle (

          It's probably a lifetime worth of feather for $45, and the quality on them is better than the ones you get in the strung packs. If you do the math, you get WAY more for your money by buying the saddle as opposed to continuously buying the strung packs of 10 for $6-10.

          I don't use anything else on my mayfly tails. it's super durable, barred, sparse, realistic, and easy to work with. I definitely think you'll prefer it to anything you've used before. I find that the medium pardo color is good for pretty much everything.

          Team USA Youth/Team Dead Drift